The Stuff in The Middle

During a conversations with a friend yesterday at work, he said something profound which shook me to my core. “If God showed us The Stuff In the Middle would we take our first step toward the vision He has given us?”

Where [there is] no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law , happy [is] he. Proverbs 29:18

God places a vision, goal, idea, a desire in our hearts. We can see the end results. We may not know how we will achieve the concept but a true believer trusts God and steps out in faith…

But, would we take that first step if we could see all we were going to have to go through to achieve that which God has birthed within us? Probably not!!!

So to ensure we complete that which He has compelled us to do, He gives us a glimmer of the end results and hides from us…

The Stuff In The Middle

Love Lee ♥

A Love Lee Place

One thought on “The Stuff in The Middle

  1. I think this is the reason, also, that we should not seek out fortune tellers to see what’s in our future. They might tell us something about what’s “in the middle” and scare the beejeepers out of us. Years ago, when I lived in Colorado, I had an aquaintance who had to have his palm read before he would do anything “new”. My response to that was, “What difference does it make what the future holds? Whatever happens between now and then is intended to prepare you for what lies ahead, be it bad or good, and, even if something bad looms ahead, something good will follow it. You can’t have sunshine without some rain, and rain will surely follow, but the sun will shine after the rain, as well.”

    Love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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