A Love Lee Home

Work Hard...Play Harder!


HOME…I LOVE That Word and All It Stands For

As a child I remember playing house. My Mother turned my Dad’s shed into a play house for us and filled it with our kitchen set, tables and chairs, doll furniture and even stocked our “pantry” (I think she wanted to make sure we had no excuse to run in and out of the house while she was cleaning). We would play for hours and at the end of the day everything had to be perfectly in place so our “house” would be inviting and ready for the next play day.

Then as a teenager I got a job in a seafood restaurant and one of the first things I bought with my money was beautiful light and airy bed spread. It was white with pastel butterflies and had layers of ruffles. I was so excited because I was even able to purchase the matching pillow shams to go with it. I took great pride in my room and seldom left it without making sure everything was in place so when I returned it would be neat, clean, and welcoming.

So, as you can imagine as a young adult a home was very important to me because I not only wanted things to look, smell, feel, and sound pleasing for me but also for Richard my precious husband. Oh, and of course I felt it was very important to appeal to his sense of taste as well by having his dinner ready when he got home from work.

Before I knew it, we had children and I was blessed to be a stay at home mom for awhile. It was the hardest job I ever loved. Richard and my girls were my world and it became my passion to provide them with an atmosphere of comfort…a place they would be proud to call home.

It was never about a house but instead about stimulating the senses which in turn would evoke an emotion which ultimately would become a memory for them. I believe I was successful as both of my girls acquired a strong sense of home. I remember visiting Tori and her place was always neat and clean and she always had something cooking on the stove…usually a soup or pot of beans and man oh man would it smell good! And Brandi, she is an amazing home maker with a keen eye for interior design and also has incredible skills in the kitchen.

Now, Richard was always so grateful for the efforts I made to turn our house into a home. He would come home after work and say, “I love what you’ve done with the place. Coming home is the highlight of my day”…Just the affirmation I needed after a hard day of housework, yard work, or decorating.

Today, we no longer own a house as explained in It’s Been A Hard Year and I will not even try to convince you I don’t miss having a one. However, you have  heard the saying “There’s No Place Like Home” And, while the photo above is of one of our most favorite homes, we have since discovered…

Home Is Where The Heart Is!

You see, Richard and I fell in love while in high school and I discovered, I’m at home when I’m with him.

So, Wherever We Are Together…We Are Home!!! 

 Here Are a Few Photos of What We Now Consider HOME…

Yep, We’re Home…

Signature 4


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