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The Stuff in The Middle

During a conversations with a friend yesterday at work, he said something profound which shook me to my core. “If God showed us The Stuff In the Middle would we take our first step toward the vision He has given us?”

Where [there is] no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law , happy [is] he. Proverbs 29:18

God places a vision, goal, idea, a desire in our hearts. We can see the end results. We may not know how we will achieve the concept but a true believer trusts God and steps out in faith…

But, would we take that first step if we could see all we were going to have to go through to achieve that which God has birthed within us? Probably not!!!

So to ensure we complete that which He has compelled us to do, He gives us a glimmer of the end results and hides from us…

The Stuff In The Middle

Love Lee ♥

A Love Lee Place

Get Rid Of The Life Suckers

How many times have you walked by or into a closet and thought to yourself, “Oh My Gosh…this clutter is killing me” or opened a drawer and said, “I am going to clean this out one of these days”. I call the areas of my home which evoke frustration, dread, or irritation “LIFE SUCKERS”. I am sure you know what I mean…those areas that literally suck the life our of you when near them.

Well, lately I have been checking my pulse to see if I am  even alive!!!

Last May we bought our dream home; a home we have admired for over 25 years. With the help of family and friends we moved into the place like a whirlwind…That should say it all. “Essentials” were unpacked and  the rest left in boxes and placed in closets, drawers, and cabinets. Needless to say, almost a year later I am still going thru boxes… “Life Sucker”

Each day I pull into the garage of our wonderful home, I am greeted by dark cedar walls, a work bench full of clutter, yard tools scattered throughout the garage. Welcome home… Wow, I am being greeted by a… “Life Sucker”

Then as I exit the car and walk through the breeze-way to the back door, yet another “Life Sucker” tries to grab me…the dark brown paint on the walls doors, and ceiling of the breeze-way and entrance.

As if that were not enough…As I enter the back door, the kitchen with its dark worn cabinetry sucks me in…“Life Sucker”

My list could go on and on to the point I have no pulse so I recently decided to tackle the major “Life Suckers” in my life.

So, during the time period in which I made no entries to my blog…I was very busy trying to take  my life back.

First, we started with our cabana out by the pool…It was dark, heavy and uninviting so we lightened it up with a lot of paint!





Next, I moved to the kitchen…Also dark, drab and worn thus MORE paint!!!


229878_3517768922943_1376120592_n 281769_3517769242951_376039884_n


IMG_8986 IMG_8989

While these were a couple of my big “Life Suckers” I have also manged several small ones as well…

  • I made a table-cloth to put on my glass top table so I no longer saw finger prints and smears on the glass
  • Removed heavy curtains in one of the guest rooms and replaced them with light and airy sheers
  • Cleaned out the closet under the stairs
  • Unpacked more boxes stored in an upstairs closet
  • Organized a “Christmas Closet” which holds all the Christmas decorations

No, I haven’t tackled the garage but…that is coming up next!!!

So, if you find the life being sucked out of you by your surroundings…TAKE CHARGE!

Get Rid Of The Life Suckers!!!

Love Lee ♥

A Love Lee Place


What’s In A Name?

I will never forget when Cheyenne (my granddaughter) was almost 3 years old and we had been working in the flower beds (oh how that child loved to dig) when she decided it was time for a “Popsicle Break”. So, of course I stopped what I was doing and the popsicle break became the priority. As we were sitting on the glider near the back door having our popsicle and chatting, a HUGE clap of thunder came from out of nowhere. Immediately I yelled “JESUS”, grabbed her up, and ran into the house. As you can imagine it took me several minutes to calm her down and get her to stop crying.

About three months had passed and Cheyenne and I were hanging out. She was playing on the back patio and I was making us a cup of coffee (we took many types of breaks…LOL) when I heard thunder in the distance. Almost immediately Cheyenne walked thru the back door and announced, “Meme, Jesus is back”. What a Doll that girl is!!!

Ya know, I have endured some thunder in my life; some distant rumblings, and other outrageously loud shaking me to my core. I have had heartbreaking events in my life when I thought I would never recover, times when my heart hurt so bad I didn’t know if I would be able to breathe again. But I can say through those times when my world was rocked or I hurt to the core I always called out one name…


For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6

I call out His name frequently and I say it out loud. I say His name in times of happiness and in times of devastation, in times of loneliness, celebration, and loss.

The song by Martha Munizzi says it all…

Say The Name of Jesus

My Friend, Just Say His Name…

Love Lee ♥

One Physician Who Cared

In July of  ’98 a storm blew through Brazoria and I spent most of a Saturday picking up tree limbs and debris. Early the next morning while getting dressed I noticed a red raised circle on my stomach. I didn’t give it much thought and went on about my day.

Approximately a month later, we were out-of-town and after dinner we decided to go back to our hotel room and take a short nap before going to a movie. My short nap lasted for over 12 hours. The next morning when I woke, I had to sit down and rest after getting dressed. We walked over to a little diner for breakfast and I could hardly hold my head up because I was so exhausted.

I went to a couple of Doctors and both told me “Oh, you are just depressed”. Depressed??? I was not depressed! I was sick and something was wrong!!!

The exhaustion continued and got to the point I was confined to bed every minute I was not at work. As for work, it took every ounce of energy I had to make it through my shift. In fact, there were days my co-workers carried me. I had memory lapses, chills, and severe muscle aches. I even thought at times, “I am going to die”. I can not remember a time when I was soooo sick and for soooo long.

Then one day a physician walked through the ICU unit where I worked and caught me with a thermometer in my mouth. He asked me if I was sick. I told him I was and that I had been running a 98.9 temp which was high for me (my normal was 97). He asked me if I had been to a Dr. I told him I had but they just told me I was depressed. The doctor looked me in the eye and said, “Depressed people don’t run a fever. Call my office and set up an appointment.”

I called his office and set up the appointment. After a 30 minute visit, I was about to leave when he said, “Just for grins let’s run this test too”.

BINGO…He found it!!! I am alive today because a physician by the name of Dr. Dalal heard me and cared to look beyond the obvious to find the source of my illness!

 The whelp on my abdomen was from a tick bite.   I had Lyme Disease.

After 6 weeks of IV antibiotics the Lyme Disease was resolved. To this day I still have challenges with of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia but I am ALIVE!!! 

I thank God for Dr. Dalal and physicians like him who care enough to keep digging for the answers.

Why did I share my story? Because, there is someone out there that is struggling with an illness and I want you to know sometimes God provides the healing and sometimes He provides a healer!

If you are out there experiencing pain, fatigue, or other symptoms, I want to remind you…

Don’t give up!!! God knows your battle and He will never leave you or forsake you. I don’t know your name but He does!

I am praying for you,

Love Lee ♥