Whatcha Gonna Talk About

Doom and gloom, death and destruction, anger and fear is the underlying message of many conversations, TV shows, pod casts, and Facebook posts. Often the negative discussions are centered around politics, religion, illness, and the collapse of the economy. Oh, and then that very same person speaks, watches a TV show, listens to a pod cast or makes a post on Facebook that speaks of trusting God; His goodness and His mercy. Heck, I’m guilty of that myself at times but if you think about it, that thought process is such an oxymoron.

The Bible says:

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit” Proverbs 18:21.


Think about that! I know I have been a lot! So, let me ask you some of the questions I have been asking myself…

  • 50 years from now will what I said make a difference? Hmmm…it could for my grandchildren and great grandchildren
  • Was what I said a true reflection of my heart or was I spewing emotion?
  • Are my conversations going to reflect my trust in God or fear of the unknown?
  • Am I going to rehash and talk about the past or speak life and thrive in the present?
  • Am I going to talk about all my ailments or am I going to speak healing into my bones?

The Bible also says:

If anyone among you thinks he is religious, and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this one’s religion is useless. James 1:26

Yep, I have given a lot of thought to that one too…

How on earth can we possibly be a witness to trusting God; His goodness and His mercy if we say awful things about people either to their face or worse, behind their backs? Wasn’t it just recent a scripture or uplifting quote was posted about loving one another and then in the next breath speak ill of someone?

Side Bar: Oh, and my friends, don’t think my fingers are typing this without feeling God’s conviction on my life!!! I by no means am saying I’m all that and a box of chocolates. I know I have work to do. But, with that said, I promised God I would write what He lead me to write. So, yes, my fingers fill like lead weights as I type this post.

Ok, with that said, back to the subject at hand…This all boils down to this…

Whatcha Gonna Talk About?

This I Love

This morning as I was waiting for my cup of coffee to brew, I began my morning quiet time with an “Attitude of Gratitude”. As I looked around our kitchen, I thought to my self “I really love that arrangement” or “That picture belongs right there” and then I became flooded with the memories of where those items originated or who had given them to me. Then I began to thank God for the provisions He has given me and the people He has placed in my life.

Then, I allowed my mind to broaden and think of many of the people He placed in my life over the years. While most were amazing, not all were easy or a pleasure. I might add, some of those individuals were exhausting…They would suck the life right out of me with their:

  • Low Self-esteem
  • Under Developed Communication Skills
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Inadequate Support System
  • Difficulty Coping

Oh Wait…I Just Described Myself!!!

Yep, I have personally experienced every one of those things listed above at some point in my life. Oh, and believe you me…about the time I think I have things under wraps a wave hits and I find myself gasping for air.

Let me ask you something, Do you think this comes as surprise to God? Absolutely not!!! and the wall decor in my kitchen serves as my daily reminder!

He knows me…He really knows ME!!! Jesus gets me, understands me, tolerates me, and most of all He celebrates me!!!

Do I break His heart? Yes, I do on a daily basis!

Do I ask for His forgiveness? Yes, I do on a daily basis!

Does He beat me over the head with shame and condemnation? Absolutely not! In fact the scripture that assures me of this is Romans 8:1

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus

So, why does God place people in my path that remind me of my failures, deficits, past, lack of support, and my inability to cope or resolve my own problems?

To remind me:

  • I am Broken
  • I need to support and lift others up
  • I need to work to do better every day
  • I need to continue to work on my communication skills
  • I need to develop empathy

And sometimes…He is teaching me I need to set boundaries.

Whatever the reason…

Jesus Knows Me…This I Love!

Do You Have a Vision?

This morning as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed I saw a quote that caught my eye. The quote caused me to think about all the questioning from others and the blatant “No’s” throughout my life. Then, all of the sudden it became abundantly clear…They didn’t under the vision God had given me!

Oh my goodness…I had no clue they just didn’t understand!!! They did not understand the vision God had given me!!!

Uh Oh…All of the sudden I felt like a failure. I felt like I had not done a good enough job of communicating the vision to people. Then, clarity came! It is my vision. It was a vision God had given to me not them so why would I ever expect them to understand.

I’ve had several experiences where my vision was not understood…

  • I Am To Sing
    • My first memory of this was when I was about 10yrs old. We were driving into town (about a 10 mile drive) and we were all singing along to a song on the radio when my dad turned around and said, “Lee, stop singing, you’re off key!”. I was devastated and so embarrassed. Needless to say, I never sang in front of my dad again; that is until my Junior year in high school. It was in my junior year of high school that I was chosen to play the part of Widow Carney in the musical Oliver. My dad came to see the production. After the show my dad came up to me and said, “Wow…I didn’t know you could sing!”. Of course he didn’t…He didn’t understand the vision God had given me. Not only could I sing but I received Best Supporting Actress for that role.
    • Next, during my freshman year I didn’t make the Accapella choir. The choir director placed me in the 2nd choir. Once again, I was so frustrated. I knew I could sing…God said so! During Christmas break my sophomore year I moved to Angleton and under the leadership of Butch Broom, I began to flourish! He believed in me and supported my vision. I made Area Choir, received 1’s on my solos and ensembles. I was placed in a madrigal and was chosen to play the part of Widow Carney in Oliver. I’ll never forget the day I made area choir, the choir director that overlooked me came up to me and said, “Wow Kimbrough…I didn’t know you had it in you!”. Of course he didn’t…He didn’t understand the vision God had given me.
  • I Am To Be Richard Smith’s Wife: Let’s just say, at age 17 I didn’t receive a lot of support when I announced I was going to get married. The lack of support was not because of Richard but because of my age. Everyone felt I was too young for marriage and my classmates watched me like a hawk because they thought I was pregnant and had to get married…Nope, I was in love and had to marry that boy!!! He was my soulmate! 45 years later, we are still happily married and many of the nay sayers have said, “Wow, I didn’t think y’all would make it!” Of course they didn’t…They didn’t understand the vision God had given me.
  • I Am To Be A Nurse: While I didn’t have anyone doubt that I could be a nurse, I did have many who doubted the type of nurse I would become.
    • ICU Nurse: That was my dream job. I graduated from Nursing School knowing I wanted to be an ICU Nurse but was placed on the Medical Surgical unit instead because the nurse educator felt she knew me better than I knew myself. It wasn’t until my manager on the Med Surg unit, Carla Deggs, saw my potential and began to mentor me. She believed in me and before you know it, she helped me secure a spot in ICU. It was magical…The team was magical..I absolutely loved it. Later the nurse educator told me she didn’t think I could handle ICU. Of course she didn’t…she didn’t understand the vision God had given me.
    • PACU Nurse: The hospital went though some “restructuring” and required all nurses to reapply for their jobs. We had to list our 3 picks. Did I get my 1st pick? Nope, would you believe, I was assigned to be the Charge Nurse in PACU. Hmmm…I sure didn’t see that one coming! God Did Though!!!
      • 1st: ICU
      • 2nd: PACU
      • 3rd: Med Surg
    • Informatics Nurse: I was asked to join a team that would be building the electronic documentation system for the Emergency Room. We went off for training and during the training I was appointed to take the lead on the project. Richard asked me, “Baby do they know you have no training or knowledge of computers? Heck, you don’t even know how to turn one off!”. I told him, “no but I want to do this”. Several months later Richard said, “I wish I could access the information on my computer from my laptop” I asked, “Why don’t you remote in? He replied, “I don’t know how”…Who knew, I would be teaching my husband about the computer? God Did!
    • Director of Revenue Management: I was approached by the CEO at the hospital and he asked me to consider taking a job as the Director of Revenue Management where I would be tasked to go after the 5-6% of revenue left on the table. I went home and told Richard about it. He responded, “Baby do they know you’ve not managed finances or ever balanced a checkbook?” I told him, “no, but I want to do this”. With the help of my team we gleaned 5 million dollars over 5 years for that little 65 bed hospital. God Knew!!!
    • Director of Nursing: After 5 years in the Revenue Management Department, I went to the CEO and told him I wanted to go back into patient care. He replied, “I can’t let you do that. You bring too much money to the hospital.” I told him it wasn’t a desire…It was a calling. That day, I went home and there was a flyer in our mailbox seeking a Director of Nurses for a Skilled and Long Term Care Facility. I applied and was offered the position. Several of my co-workers at the hospital questioned my decision. I told them, it was what I wanted and believed I was being called to do. 15 years later, I stepped down from a DON position to care for my mom full time. Later my old co-worker told me she didn’t think I would make it as a DON. Of course she didn’t…she didn’t understand the vision God had given me.
  • I Am To Paint: My daughter introduced me to the world of chalk paint and I was hooked. I knew in my spirit…This is what I am suppose to do! While talking with one of my administrators he asked me, “what have you been doing?” I told him I was painting furniture. I was turning old furniture into works of art. He laughed at me and said, “I’m sure it doesn’t pay as much as being a DON.” When I told him no but it was what I loved he laughed even harder. Did he respect what I was doing? Of course he didn’t…He didn’t understand the vision God had given me.
  • I Am To Be My Mother’s Care Giver: In April 2022 my little 81yr old mother fell and broke her hip. She had surgery followed by postoperative complications. I made the decision to step down from my position as Director of Nurses to care for my mom. Several people told me, “You don’t want to do that…It is a huge commitment.” Of course they would say that…They didn’t understand the vision God had given me.

And, you are thinking…All that from a Facebook post???

Yes, all that to ask, has God Given You A Vision?

Don’t let the doubters and nay sayers keep you from fulfilling that God given Vision!

You’ve Got This and He’s Got You!!!

Feeling Stuck…Look Up!!!

A while back I took a piece of greenery from our bathroom and used it to decorate in our bedroom. Who knew this one simple decision would have such a profound effect on me and my mental clarity???

Sound dramatic? Well, for me it was…


Anyone who knows me is aware that visual order is essential for my mental health and well being. Visual chaos drives me insane and the exposed cords on my bathroom counter were driving me NUTS!!!

I tried several different types of stems and arrangements but nothing looked right. Running to the store to pick something up was not an easy option because it’s hard on my mother to transfer in and out of the car and leaving here at home is just not an option.

So, for weeks now, I have been STUCK!!!

  • My gaze was focused on the visual chaos of the cords
  • My brain was constantly scanning the house for anything that would work
  • Putting my makeup on and getting dressed in the morning was down right difficult

All I could focus on was the chaos and emptiness…I needed something quick!


Yep, the very greenery was right there in my bathroom above my cabinet! My first thought was, “oh no, I can’t move that. It belongs in there!”. Then, I realized, it really didn’t because I had not even recognized the greenery was up there or that it could be an option to resolve my issue.

So, guess what I did this morning…Yep, you guessed it!

Whoa…Wait! What’s that piece of paper sticking on the mirror you ask? Isn’t that visual clutter???

Nope…That’s my Love Note from my Granddaughter.

It is right where she posted it and will stay there to serves as a daily reminder…


So, why did I share this? Because perhaps there is something in your life that has you “STUCK” and this might help you get unstuck!

People often feel stuck because:

  • They may feel they are not able to implement change
  • They are unable to process past trauma or emotional wounds
  • They don’t understand why things are the way they are
  • They struggle with:
    • Motivation
    • Over-thinking
    • Low confidence
    • Low self-worth
    • Fear

How to stop feeling stuck:

  • Take a break
  • Pray
  • Make a gratitude list
  • Go to bed earlier
  • Take a mental health day
  • Do some inner work


Look Up & Have a Blessed Day,

Benefits of Interacting With Like-Minded People

Have you ever felt that pull or draw to a person but couldn’t really figure out why? The answer may be as simple as…

You Are Like-Minded

People who share the same opinions, ideas, interests, hobbies, passions, or side hustles are most often described as being like-minded. Yep… and the more you get to know them you often find you are like-minded in more than one area.

People who are like minded often are:

  • Agreeable
  • Harmonious
  • Concurring
  • Simular
  • United
  • Compatible
  • Unanimous

Wow…Those are some really positive words to describe a relationship!!!

Nowhere in that list did you see words like:

  • Argumentative
  • Frustrating
  • Fragmented
  • Incompatable
  • Divided
  • Disagreeable

Yes, you got it…those are some really negative words to describe relationships with people who are not like-minded.

I don’t know about you but I personally crave relationships with like-minded people. Having been brought up in a home where there was constant discord, I prefer peace and harmony. Is that always possible?

No…Emphatically NO!!!

Everyone is unique and has their own individual likes and dislikes, opinions, and mannerisms. Besides, if everyone were like-minded it would be like the movie “The Stepford Wives”. While being around people who are not like-minded often challenges us to see life through a different lens and have to struggle to be patient, kind, and even tolerant at times. All of that is a lot of work though!

I don’t know about you but for me, life is hard enough as it is…I need:

  • Encouragement when I’m down
  • Someone cheering me on
  • Someone to celebrate my wins
  • Someone to see me
  • To feel relevant

Like-minded people do all that and more!!!

If you haven’t found your tribe of Like-Minded people, here are some ideas to help!

  • Get social. Not scrolling through Facebook, Instagram or TikTok but by joining a group. Search for groups within those platforms that have commonalities with you. I personally have joined many!
    • Keto Groups
    • LeJune Healthy Living
    • Bustling Booth
    • French Farmhouse Style
    • Bwood Class of 79
    • Chabby Chic and Pretty Things
    • Chalk Painting Tips and Tricks
    • Elegant Decor, Fashion, and Scenery
    • Romantic Homes and Gardens
    • How to Paint Amazing Furniture
    • Angleton High School Friends
    • Dream Homes and Gardens
    • English Cottages/ Country Gardens & Home Ideas
    • Tablescaping- The Art of Dressing A Table
  • Start a group. If you can’t find a group that you jive with then start one!
    • I Did: A Love Lee Design
    • Debbie Egg Did: LaJune Healthy Living
    • Sarah Booth Did: Bustling Booth

You will know immediately if you are connected with Like-Minded people because:

  • The relationship will be easy, not forced
  • You will feel peace; not turmoil
  • You will have fun
  • You will feel motivated

Seek people you connect with and keep an open mind because you never know where you might find them!!!

WooHoo…I’m Back!!!

I know…I know…It has been a long dang time since I have posted to A Love Lee Place. Why you ask…

For a lot of reasons!!!

  • Easy Answers
    • I took a Nurse Consultant job that required a lot of travel.
    • I changed jobs and went back to work as a Director of Nurses.
    • I chose to paint every spare minute I had.
    • I chose to spend every minute I could with Richard when he was home
  • Hard Answers:
    • Self doubt
    • Fear of judgement
    • Imposter Syndrom

Yep, that was a lot of reasons aka excuses!!!

Just recently during my morning quiet time, I realized I had allowed the excuses to keep me from living out the calling God had placed on my life. I began to allow both internal and external voices define who I was.


I had failed to listen to the voice of my Creator, the One that defines me, the One that knows my inner most parts, the One who loves me no matter what!!!

The One Who Reminds Me:

Oh My Goodness…How Could I Have Forgotten That???

Well, the answer is Easy!!!

  • I allowed myself to believe what others said about me
  • I allowed myself to fall into the pit of comparison
  • I allowed myself to doubt
  • I allowed myself to become complacent
  • I allowed myself to be drawn into negative thoughts and discussions

All of that to say…No, I didn’t forget that I’m loved, valued, and beautiful but I did get side tracked!!!

If you are reading this…Thank you for not giving up on me and for allowing me to walk through some “Stuff” and get back to the calling on my life.

I’m not perfect! Not even close but…

Have A Blessed Day and I’ll be posting again soon!!!

Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Anyone who knows me well knows I love being in the sun and on the water so when our daughter and son-in-law invited us to join them on their journey I was elated we would temporarily be living at their bay house just a couple blocks from the beach.

While we were invited to live in the house with them, we opted to park our RV in their drive. It was the best of both worlds…We could be close to them yet everyone could have their space. Oh my goodness I was so excited…I was going to:

  • Walk on the beach every day
  • Go fishing whenever I wanted
  • Wake up and drink coffee overlooking the bay
  • Sit around the fire pit in the evening with a glass of wine
  • Cook on the pit

Then reality set in and discovered living on the coast was not all it was cracked up to be!!!

  • The wind blows non stop which means
    • Every day is a bad hair day
    • The pilot on the water heater would not stay lit…Really bad for an “On Demand” water heater. Ice water in the middle of a shower is a real SHOCKER!
    • Everything must be secured at all times so not to blow into the RV or down the street
    • No fire in the fire pit…too cold or too smokey
  • On rare occasions that the wind does subside, the mosquitos set in or should I say swarm in!
  • The pitter patter of little feet are those of birds walking on the roof
  • Where there are birds…there are bird droppings
  • Our car and truck was alway covered in sand and yep, you guessed it…Bird Droppings!!!
  • The tide is really low in the winter so fishing in the bay quickly turned into fishing in a ditch
  • Speaking of winter…The wind that never stops is extremely cold whipping underneath the RV
  • There are quite a few Coyotes and they howl really loud especially when they are right outside the RV
  • Dense fog…Not like any fog I’ve ever seen! It’s like all the sudden you hit a wall

While living on the coast was not all it was cracked up to be, we did make some incredible memories:

  • Fishing with my son-in-law
  • Drop in visits from our daughter
  • A couple walks on the beach before the cold fronts set in
  • Beautiful sunsets

Yesterday we traded our view of the bay for a view of the bayou. I’ll let you know how that is after we’ve been here a few weeks.

Need to Breathe


The ceiling is so low, the walls are closing in around me, you are standing too close, my clothes are too heavy…I can’t get my breath…I Need To Breathe!!!

For as long as I can remember these feelings have been ever present and something I have struggled with my entire life…I am Claustrophobic!!!

It wasn’t until later in life I learned that claustrophobia is often caused by a traumatic event experienced during early childhood. For example, adults may develop claustrophobia if, as a child they: were trapped or kept in a confined space, were bullied, or abused.

While relieved to learn I didn’t bring this on myself, it makes me sad to know I must continue to suffer from the emotional and physical abuse I endured as a child.

The struggle is real but I thank God every day for Richard’s patience and support! He is definitely the most tolerant man I know! Heck we even sold one of our most favorite houses because the ceilings were too low…

Someone might ask, “why on earth are you sharing this?”. Well, quite frankly, I’ve asked myself that too! Bottom line if this post can help even one person then my work here is done!

I am also of the belief that for every problem there is a solution. While this post will not cure what ails you, it just might help you cope.

So, here’s a list of things that helps me cope:

  1. Get rid of the clutter. Clutter takes up precious space a claustrophobic craves
  2. Open the window blinds. We even go as far as removing the window screens for unobstructed views which provides the illusion of space by bringing the views of nature inside. This has been especially true in our RV
  3. Decorate with mirrors. They reflect light and also create the illusion of space
  4. Purchase a home with the largest amount of square footage you can afford. Square footage was the priority for us so much so we opted to buy homes that required sweat and tears for the biggest bang for our buck
  5. Go outside! This is my greatest secret of survival because the skies are vast, the air has movement, the scents are fresh, and you can move about without bumping into things!!!
  6. Crawl into the water and float in the sunshine. Hands down my most favorite activity EVER!!! First of all the water renders me pretty much weightless and the sun warms my mind, body, and spirit! I frequently remind my family that my spirit animal is a whale and sign all my texts with a whale emoji 🐳
  7. Don’t forget about your vehicle. Make sure you are not too close to the dashboard. If your budget allows get a sunroof and leave it open ALL the time!

To the claustrophobic…Space is you friend so you can fulfill your…


A New Found Passion

Passion a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for someone or something. 

When I discovered my passion I was completely caught off guard. I definitely wasn’t looking for anything extra to do in my life…I considered myself busy enough without adding anything else to my plate.

Working as a full time Nurse Consultant, traveling all over South Texas, and literally living out of  hotels, I seldom found time for enjoying a hobby. Then COVID-19 happened and the nurses were pulled out of the field. All of the sudden, I didn’t have to drive 2-6hrs a day or live out of suitcase and for the first time in a very long time work life balance was restored and I began to enjoy everyday life. 

Around the end of March, Brandi, my daughter asked me to help her refinish some chairs she had bought for her bay house. Eager to spend quality time with her, I agreed to help. That’s when the magic happened and suddenly I found myself hooked and knew that painting furniture was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. 

I then became a sponge! I watched every YouTube video I could find, researched Pinterest, and joined multiple groups on Facebook. As I implemented the techniques I learned, I was blown away at the results.

Very quickly I realized I would not be able to keep all the pieces I worked on and to purchase additional pieces I would have to sell the ones I completed. So, initially I started posting my work on VarageSale and later discovered Marketplace on Facebook and began listing there. 

An additional perk to selling  furniture online is meeting the clients! I love seeing their joy as they receive their new found treasures. Often they send me pictures of their new piece after it has been set up in their home. I absolutely love that!!!

I then set up my Facebook Page A Love Lee Design and posted photos of my work and before I knew it I was receiving special requests. While I enjoy doing commissioned pieces, it can be pretty stressful too. Pleasing the client is so important to me because they have entrusted me with their treasures.

I am so honored that God birthed in me this new found passion. He is the most perfect example of what it means to be creative! After all, He created the heavens and earth.  He created the garden, the animals, and He created us…Talk about creativity at it’s finest…Colors, Textures, Sounds, and Smells. It amazes me that God loves us enough to create us in His image which includes His passion for being creative!

Enjoy the photos of a few of the pieces I’ve done!

We’ve Come a Long Way Baby


While sitting in our RV and looking out the beautiful grounds of  Lake Texana State Park I find myself reflecting on camping memories we’ve made over the past 41yrs.

Although we have enjoyed camping our entire marriage, it has not come easy or without challenges for us!

I remember our very first camping trip was quite memorable! My Pawpaw loaned us his over head camper and truck and off we went to Markham, Texas where we camped on my Pawpaw’s small lot on the lake. It was a barren piece of land with not a tree in sight but it was lakefront property. The camper was cozy (code for tiny) and as newly weds, we made some sweet memories!

After we had children, we decided we needed to invest in a tent and all the fancy camping gear needed to be able to cook, wash dishes, have light after dark, stay cool at night, avoid leaks when it rained, prevent insects from invading our meals, and on, and on! During that time we spent most of our time at Huntsville State Park. The girls loved it there!

Our trips to Huntsville were filled with memories which we can now laugh at…

  • The year of the frogs: We arrived to the camp right after a big rain and the frogs loved it…Those critters were so loud! They kept Richard up the entire night. I woke up the next morning to find him finally asleep but had toilet paper hanging out of his ears. Now that’s one way to quiet the voices…LOL
  • The year of the mouse: I had walked up to the restroom and as I was walking back to our camp site, I saw Richard running around the enclosure we had erected over the picnic table. He had a broom and dust pan in his hand. When he saw me, he yelled, “Stop right there. Your not gonna be happy about this!” He was so right! Mice freak me out!!! He finally capture the mouse and released it to the wild.
  • The year of the crawfish: Again, we arrived in Huntsville after a storm and crawfish were everywhere…Lobster size crawfish!!! Everywhere we stepped there was a crawfish! So, that was our family’s 1st Crawfish Bowl. The girls loved it!
  • The year of the Blue Northern: We arrived in Huntsville and set up our tent (in the dark which is always a challenge) when the winds began to pick up and yep…A Blue Northern blew in and oh my gosh it was cold!!! Poor Richard, he was out in the woods during the middle of the night in nothing but a t-shirt trying to find firewood so we could keep the kids warm. We pulled the kids out of the tent and placed them around the fire. Bless Richard’s heart…He stayed awake the entire night making sure the girls didn’t roll into the fire. You can better believe we were at Wal-Mart when the doors opened the next morning buying a space heater for the tent!
  • The Year of the Rains: This year we arrived at our campsite and setup camp when our of nowhere torrential rains began to fall from the heavens. Every single thing in our tent was drenched…including us! That was the year we learned to pack garbage bags for our linens and towels and polyurethane to drape over the tent.

On one occasion we decided to take the girls to Lake Texana State Park. That was the year of the coons! Yep, during the night the raccoons got into our ice chest and ate every single bite of food we had brought. The only thing they didn’t eat was the mayonnaise but they completely destroyed the label trying to figure out how to open it. We woke up to an absolute disaster! We loaded the girls up and spent our last pennies at McDonald’s on their breakfast then headed home.

As the girls got older and involved in dance and softball we no longer had weekends to camp but once they were grown and had moved out, Richard and I thought we would give camping another try. We purchased another tent and all the gear.

And, being the happy homemaker, I decided I would buy beautiful sheets and bedspread, candles, and create a romantic getaway for the both of us. I crawled into bed all nice and comfy when Richard plopped down on the air mattress and I went flying through the air and landed on the side of the tent all while the campers across the street illuminated our tent with the headlights on their car. Talk about the ultimate silhouette show.

When we returned home we discovered someone in the neighborhood was selling a pop-up camper so we thought that would be a better option for us. To be able to pack it up, prop it up, camp, and then fold it back up when we were through…NOT!!! I remember Richard crouched under the camper fighting with the crank that opened the camper. Sweat would be pouring off of him. He was so frustrated!

Richard and I  decided to take a trip Bastrop State Park. I remembered the prior camping trip which was filled with frustration and aggravation so, I took it upon myself to contact the bank and get pre-qualified for an RV. As Richard was struggling to get the pop-up set up, I casually walked up and showed him the pre qualification letter. His response was “Get your butt in the truck, we are going to buy and RV. I am too old to keep doing this!”.

So, off we went…We bought a Class C. It was really nice at first then we realized we should have bought an RV with slides because we couldn’t both move about the unit without running into each other. I would find myself so frustrated when I cooked because no matter where I stepped, Richard was there!!!

That settles it…We need a different type of unit so we bought a 5th wheel. It was amazing!!! Granite counter tops, a fireplace, 2 slides, and a walk-in shower! It was perfect until it began to rain. Oh My Gosh…That unit leaked like a sieve!  So much so, water seeped between the exterior and wall paper and swelled until it was like a HUGE water balloon. So, off we go to return the unit…

The Salesman asked me, “How can we make this right?” I responded, “Put us in a Class A Diesel Pusher”…And he did! We loved that unit!!! I loved that Richard could be driving it down the highway and I could go in the bathroom without stopping or we could stop on the side of the road, turn on a football game and have lunch and a cup of coffee. It was perfect!!!

Then, we decided we would eliminate the RV so we could build a house. Before long we realized how much we missed it and decided to try the 5th wheel route again because it would allow us to have more living space and fewer mechanical parts to maintain (such as an engine).

The Year of the Winds and rain: So, here we are in our 5th wheel and love that while the winds have been at a sustained 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph and it has rained cats and dogs… we are safe, dry, and warm. We have eaten fresh salads from the refrigerator, soups and chili out of the crock pot. I have baked keto cornbread and keto cinnamon rolls. I have made almond meal pancakes with fried bacon for breakfast. We have had a hot shower every night and slept on our therapeutic mattress.

I am  So Thankful for What I’ve Got.  And, I believe it is because of all the challenges and struggles we faced in our early years of camping that we are better able to recognize how blessed we are and that…

We’ve Come A Long Way Baby!!!