WooHoo…I’m Back!!!

I know…I know…It has been a long dang time since I have posted to A Love Lee Place. Why you ask…

For a lot of reasons!!!

  • Easy Answers
    • I took a Nurse Consultant job that required a lot of travel.
    • I changed jobs and went back to work as a Director of Nurses.
    • I chose to paint every spare minute I had.
    • I chose to spend every minute I could with Richard when he was home
  • Hard Answers:
    • Self doubt
    • Fear of judgement
    • Imposter Syndrom

Yep, that was a lot of reasons aka excuses!!!

Just recently during my morning quiet time, I realized I had allowed the excuses to keep me from living out the calling God had placed on my life. I began to allow both internal and external voices define who I was.


I had failed to listen to the voice of my Creator, the One that defines me, the One that knows my inner most parts, the One who loves me no matter what!!!

The One Who Reminds Me:

Oh My Goodness…How Could I Have Forgotten That???

Well, the answer is Easy!!!

  • I allowed myself to believe what others said about me
  • I allowed myself to fall into the pit of comparison
  • I allowed myself to doubt
  • I allowed myself to become complacent
  • I allowed myself to be drawn into negative thoughts and discussions

All of that to say…No, I didn’t forget that I’m loved, valued, and beautiful but I did get side tracked!!!

If you are reading this…Thank you for not giving up on me and for allowing me to walk through some “Stuff” and get back to the calling on my life.

I’m not perfect! Not even close but…

Have A Blessed Day and I’ll be posting again soon!!!

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