He Just Needs A Break

He just needs a break

Recently a storm blew through partially knocking down three good size trees. My precious husband in efforts to avoid the high cost of a professional tree removal decides to take matters into his own hands.

Just a few months ago he had borrowed my Dad’s chain saw. He had some challenges getting it to run so he put it in the shop for a tune up. He picked up the chain saw from the shop and got right to work. First tree down & chopped up into manageable pieces…Second tree down…

Then…Uh Oh!!! Right in the middle of a cut the entire muffler blew off rendering the chain saw irreparable. So without a chainsaw he moves the remaining debris to the burn pile. Once the limbs are piled up and ready to burn, he starts the fire and before you know it the limbs are blazing with smoke billowing like crazy.

Now is the time to sit back enjoy the fruits of his labor so he sits and enjoys his Thursday evening by the fire.

Then on Saturday evening he mentions he has something in his eye. Sunday morning he wakes up and his eye is swollen and watering. Being a nurse my first thought is…he has pink eye. But, it’s Sunday and we are off to church.

Midway through church his sinuses start acting up & his eye begins to tear even more…He is miserable. We leave church and rush home so he can get a good nap prior to going out to work the night shift. After his nap he gets dressed for work & he’s off to work. By 9:30 that night he is back home with his eye almost completely swollen shut.

When he wakes this morning he is still miserable so he heads straight to the eye doctor. Meanwhile, he notices blisters on his arms and abdomen. So…you can probably already figure out where this is going. Yep, you guessed it…Poison Ivy!!! Everywhere…

So to summarize the cost of the tree removal:
1 New chainsaw for my Dad
2 Nights off work at least
1 Doctors Visit
1 Pair of contacts
1 Prescription for eye drops

His intentions and determination …Priceless!!!

He just Needs A Break!!!

Love Lee ♥

A Love Lee Place

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