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Get Real and Cut the Bull

Do you find yourself being who people expect you to be?
Are You always putting on a front?
Do you have difficulty sharing your views and thoughts?

Perhaps it’s time to

Get Real and Cut the Bull

I love what Beth Moore has to say about Cutting the Bull…

Is it time for you to Get Real?

Love Lee ♥

A Story Fit For A Song

Is Your Life “A Story Fit for A Song”?

Click the link below to view Beth Moore’s Series…


Living a life fit for a Song…

Love Lee ♥

Stuck in Your Circumstances

Yesterday I asked, “Who Controls Your Storm”. Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in the storm and can’t get out? This is a great video by Beth Moore to give you guidance on what to do while enduring the storm…

Praise Him No Matter Your Circumstances

Love Lee ♥