Who Controls Your Storm

Do you feel like life is reeling out of control and no matter what you try balance can’t to be found? I am sure that is how Paul felt when he set sail on the turbulent waters headed for Italy with 275 others which included soldiers and prisoners. You see, when they set out on their course they had no idea they would be delayed because of weather or be stranded in hurricane force winds. They thought it would be smooth sailing…but this was not the case. In-fact Acts chapter 27 says “When neither sun nor stars appeared for many days and the storm continued raging, we finally gave up all hope of being saved.” Acts 27:20.

How often do you set out in life with a destination only to be confronted with head-on hurricane force winds tossing your life about. Waves of despair crash about you, the sea of defeat tries to engulf you, and you are bashed by the rocks of disaster to the point it seems you will never see the light of day or the stars of night. For Paul and the men on the ship the storm raged for 14 days. They did not eat and had minimal sleep. They fought hard to keep the ship upright and afloat.

About the time you give up all hope, God waves His mighty hand of peace and the storm suddenly stops. And, once the storm subsides you may not recognize your surroundings just as those on the ship with Paul did not recognize theirs but two things are for sure you will survive this storm and there will be more storms.

But it is important to remember…

God Is In Control Of Your Storm!

Love Lee ♥

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