Michael Davis Was My Little Friend

Heaven gained a Hero on Saturday May 9, 2011 when Michael Davis selflessly gave his life to rescue a child who had fallen into the treacherous Brazos River.

Michael Davis…Devoted Husband, Loving Father, Cherished Son, Idolized Big Brother, and Incredible Coach! Today many are remembering Michael Davis the adult but my most precious memories of Michael were of him as a Little Boy!

We bought our very first home in Angleton Texas and it wasn’t long after we moved there while working in the back yard, I met Michael. He was the cutest blond-headed blue-eyed boy EVER! When we first met he was very shy… each time I said hello to him at the fence he began to warm up to me. Then before I knew it every time I came outside, Michael would run to the fence to tell me hello and talk my ear off. He was adorable!

Then one day his mom was outside and she and I finally got to meet over the fence. Each time we would visit the conversations got longer and longer. We would pass our kids back and forth over the fence so they could play together. Then one day we decided the kids were getting to heavy to lift so we unfastened the chain link fence and rolled a section back so we could access each others yards. The kids were elated! Especially Michael!!!

Michael would come over frequently…often without his mom knowing about it. Shhhhhh… we never told her! Richard (my husband) would be watching TV and would get the sensation he was being watched. Sure enough, Michael would be standing outside with his little hands cupped around his eyes peeking through our sliding glass door. Richard would announce…”Babe, Michael’s here”. I would open the sliding glass door and he would walk right in, sit in his usual spot on the end of the couch and watch TV with Richard, our girls, and me. Of course we would always leave the door cracked so we could hear his momma calling him.  I believe he loved this so much because it was something he was able to do solo…separate from his sisters Leigh and Kelly who were twins just a year younger than he was. Sometimes, a guy just needs a break!

About the time Michael went to Kindergarten I began to babysit children in our home. Every day Michael’s mom would come over, visit,  help me serve lunch and get the kids down for their naps so Michael would spend half a day in my home during the school year and the better part of the day during summer months. We did a lot of fun things with the kids. One activity was a parade around the block and Michael led the pack on the BIG WHEEL…


We also celebrated all Birthdays together…Michael poor thing was always surrounded by girls and all the emotions that went with them!

We had great times and made wonderful memories playing in the back yard…

Michael moved across town, grew up, went to college, pursued a career, got married, and had children. While Michael was to some a Son, Brother, Husband, Dad, or Coach. To me…

Michael Davis Was My Little Friend!

Please join me in praying for Michael’s Family today and in the days to come…God Bless You My Precious Friends!

Love Lee ♥

A Precious Package

Last year the Christmas tree I had used for years bit the dust. It had been a great tree for many years bringing lots of smiles to our family. My precious friend read I would be throwing it out after using it for over 20 years. She immediately contacted me though Facebook to notify me I would be receiving a new tree after Christmas. Sure enough the week after Christmas my dear friend Rose Riggs appears on my door step with a huge box. My new Christmas tree had arrived!!!

This year I could hardly wait to put my tree up to see what it looked like. I was amazed at how easy the tree went up!!! Fold, fluff, and plug in…how easy is that? Trees sure have come a long way since the purchase of my last one! As is a tradition in our home the tree was decorated with stuffed animals, baby dolls, and ornaments made either made or gifted to me by family and friends.

As soon as the tree was up, pictures were posted on Facebook. Rose commented on how beautiful it was and would like to bring he brand new baby boy William to have his picture made in front of the tree. I was so touched she wanted to shoot pictures in front of my tree!

Last night William came to visit his Aunt Lee Lee…His mommy brings him in tucked into his carrier. Needless to say my babies had never seen a carrier with a tiny human in it… The were intrigued to say the least but it only took a couple of minute for them to bond.

William is such a good baby! He allowed us to pose him in front of the tree and even seemed to enjoy being propped up against Maggie Mae. Last night I was reminded…Little ones are what make Christmas memories so very special. I so love my precious friend William and know God has big plans for this little one!

Rose, Thank you for sharing your precious package with me this Christmas!

Love Lee ♥

“Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” Mark 9:37

Sunday Afternoon Fun

What a wonderful day…It began worshiping at First Baptist Church in Brazoria. Wonderful music and an awesome sermon Brother Greg Smith! Nothing pleases me more than to be in the presence of God; captured by His love.

After church we had a great time at lunch with friends Rayfard, Evelyn, and Martha at La Casona in Lake Jackson. Lots of laughter and fun. I am sure those sitting around us got a kick out of us trying to figure out how to utilize the technology we had purchased! Richard and Rayfard were even texting each other at the table. We discussed Apps like Maps, Yelp, Facebook, and Bible + One. Great food and friends always lead to a great time!

We can always count on a little mischief when Rayfard and Richard get together…The “Twinkies”

Once we got home, Richard decided he needs to get the bike out and take it for a spin…So, we were off! As is customary the first stop is always Buc-ees in Angleton for fuel and coffee. Once fueled up we headed out toward Bay City and made a big loop back to Jones Creek. We had a couple of close calls with rain…ended up just a few sprinkles but it was worth it because I love the smell of rain.

And as usual I had my camera…Yeah pictures!!! Here are a few taken along the way…Enjoy!

Love Lee ♥

She is Wonderfully and Marvelously Made

It was a normal day for me…nothing out of the ordinary going on when the phone rang. It was my dear friend Jennifer Cannan and she was crying. Through her sobs I heard, “Can John and I come over? We’ve been at the doctor’s office today and we need to talk to someone.”

Within 15 minutes John and Jennifer were walking through the door. Both looked like they had been hit by a mac truck! Before she spoke, I grabbed her and held her while she sobbed on my shoulder.  After a minute she was able to speak, “The doctor says Alisha is autistic.”

Because Alisha’s speech was delayed, we knew something was wrong…but Autism???? How do you wrap your head around that diagnosis???

Jennifer, being the take charge kind of person she is, immediately began to read everything she could get her hands on about Autism. She reached out to anyone with knowledge of Autism or anyone who knew of available resources for Autistic children. It wasn’t long after Alisha was diagnosed, she was enrolled in school and immediately the work began.

Within a very short period of time Alisha began to interact verbally with others. In fact her vocabulary grew to the point she was utilizing “big” words typically used only by adults. She began to laugh and interact with others on an emotional level as well.

Alisha was at my home for Halloween this year. She did not come for candy…She came to visit me and to give my candy away because in addition to Autism, Alisha has been diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. So, since she couldn’t have the candy she was elated to stand in my doorway and pass out candy to the trick or treaters who could. Then when my brother reached for a piece of candy,  she provided him with a lecture on the perils of eating candy causing him to sneak his bites of candy when she was not looking.

Alisha is an adorable little girl who loves deeply everyone she encounters. She finds great pleasures in the most simple things. She is funny and witty making those around her laugh even when they aren’t in the mood to laugh. She says the cutest things and her mother is good to share them with us on Facebook. A couple posts by Jennifer I especially love…

  • “Mama, Can you come rub my back? I think there is a bone in it and it is really starting to hurt me.” How does she come up with these things?!?!?! Going to put on my masseuse hat….brb…a mother’s job is never done! LOL
  • “Alisha just informed me that she was “filthy, stinkin’ rich.” She then proceeded to show me that her change purse was full of coins plus she had 6 dollar bills. LOL”
  • “Alisha just told me that I needed to get bigger, uglier glasses since I am getting older. Nice! ROFL”

Today I was reminded of Alisha and her struggles and challenges in life when I read a post on Facebook by Alisha’s mom, Jennifer Cannan. It read…

“Kids with special needs aren’t sick or gross or stupid, and their handicaps not contagious. They only want what we all want: to be accepted and loved. Can I make a request: is anyone willing to post this and leave it as your status for at least an hour to spread the awareness? It is Special Education Week, and this is …in honor of ALL the children who were wonderfully and marvelously made.”

Do you know a child that is wonderfully and marvelously made? If so please honor them today!

I would like to take this opportunity honor my precious little friend Alisha Cannan…Alisha, your Aunt Lee Lee loves you Doll ♥

Love Lee ♥

Celebrating Martha’s Salvation

What a wonderful day this was for Martha Mays, all those that love her, and for the Lord! Today was the day Martha chose to make her decision to accept Christ as her Lord and Savior known to all…

Back in May, Martha attended the First Baptist Church of Brazoria Ladies Retreat which God allowed me to speak at. It was after the first session on Friday night, I first met Martha. She was very quiet and reserved when she spoke. She thanked me for the session and asked me a few questions. We had a couple more opportunities to talk that evening. Then Martha announced she was going to bed.

The next morning she rushed over to me as I entered the meeting room and announced she had accepted Christ as her Savior. The quiet reserve was gone! She was beaming!!! Later that morning she made the announcement publicly to the entire group of ladies.

We returned to our homes and normal lives but have remained in touch via Facebook and email. A couple of weeks ago Martha emailed me and announced she was going to be baptised. I was so excited for her! I know this decision was not easy for her as she is very shy and would be nervous about getting up in front of the entire church.

 This morning, I could hardly wait to get to church! It was Martha’s big day. The choir sang a couple of songs then the choir sat down for the baptism. I couldn’t stand it…you know me, I wanted to take pictures! Richard leaned over and whispered, “you should go down to the first row so you can get a better shot”.  So, I did and wow I am so glad I did!!!

 Brother Greg entered the baptistery and provided an introduction and explanation of baptism. Then he introduced Martha to the congregation. I could tell she was a little nervous as she made her way into the baptistery. Then Brother Greg asked those that had supported Martha or played some part in her giving her life to Jesus to stand. It was amazing…People were standing all over the congregation.

Finally, Martha looked out and our eyes met. She immediately started to cry like many others! Then, with the words “Dead to sin” under she went. As she came up Brother Greg said ” alive in Christ”. You could hear the shouts throughout the building and the smile on Martha’s face was indescribable…


The song that immediately rolled through my head was “Favorite Song of All”  by Phillips, Craig, and Dean. Chills immediately ran up and down my spine.  The link above to the video is absolutely beautiful as is Martha!

Martha, today you publicly announced your love for Jesus. Your family loves you and we are here to support you as you grow in Him!

Today, I rejoice with you my Sister in Christ!

Love Lee ♥

Unexpected Surprises

I love unexpected surprises!

Richard and I had nothing planned for the day except to smoke some meat on the pit. I woke up grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to the deck out back. Richard had already lit the pit, trimmed some trees and had a fire going in the fire pit; Nothing better than a cool breeze, fire in the fire pit, and a cup of coffee in hand.

Later that morning he mentioned, “Oh a friend of mine may drop by for a while”. Sure enough one of his co-workers dropped in and had his little boy with him. After visiting for a while, I asked where is your wife? He replied at home…I encouraged him to go get her and so he did.

What an unexpected surprise. Getting to meet the sweetest family and make new friends…all because we had no plans and decided to just enjoy the day. Blessings and Surprises come when you least expect them…

This precious family was my Unexpected Surprise! Are you looking for yours?


Love Lee ♥