Sunday Afternoon Fun

What a wonderful day…It began worshiping at First Baptist Church in Brazoria. Wonderful music and an awesome sermon Brother Greg Smith! Nothing pleases me more than to be in the presence of God; captured by His love.

After church we had a great time at lunch with friends Rayfard, Evelyn, and Martha at La Casona in Lake Jackson. Lots of laughter and fun. I am sure those sitting around us got a kick out of us trying to figure out how to utilize the technology we had purchased! Richard and Rayfard were even texting each other at the table. We discussed Apps like Maps, Yelp, Facebook, and Bible + One. Great food and friends always lead to a great time!

We can always count on a little mischief when Rayfard and Richard get together…The “Twinkies”

Once we got home, Richard decided he needs to get the bike out and take it for a spin…So, we were off! As is customary the first stop is always Buc-ees in Angleton for fuel and coffee. Once fueled up we headed out toward Bay City and made a big loop back to Jones Creek. We had a couple of close calls with rain…ended up just a few sprinkles but it was worth it because I love the smell of rain.

And as usual I had my camera…Yeah pictures!!! Here are a few taken along the way…Enjoy!

Love Lee ♥

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