Unexpected Surprises

I love unexpected surprises!

Richard and I had nothing planned for the day except to smoke some meat on the pit. I woke up grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to the deck out back. Richard had already lit the pit, trimmed some trees and had a fire going in the fire pit; Nothing better than a cool breeze, fire in the fire pit, and a cup of coffee in hand.

Later that morning he mentioned, “Oh a friend of mine may drop by for a while”. Sure enough one of his co-workers dropped in and had his little boy with him. After visiting for a while, I asked where is your wife? He replied at home…I encouraged him to go get her and so he did.

What an unexpected surprise. Getting to meet the sweetest family and make new friends…all because we had no plans and decided to just enjoy the day. Blessings and Surprises come when you least expect them…

This precious family was my Unexpected Surprise! Are you looking for yours?


Love Lee ♥

2 thoughts on “Unexpected Surprises

  1. Hey! I know those people! Sweet family for sure. Tell them I said hello. When we move back, I’m totally stopping by your house. 🙂

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