Labor Day Celebration

Good-bye Summer… Hello Autumn

It is always with sadness I say good-bye to Summer, my favorite season of the year. However, with Autumn comes the cool breeze, crisp fresh air, fires in the fire pit, warm savory soups, and sweet breads. Life begins to slow down, the grass grows at a slower rate, and the leaves begin to fall. The days become short and lazy.

This year we decided to send Summer out with a bang…with the sweet laughter of Family and Friends, playing games, Smokin Dick’s BBQ , watermelon, swimming, and fire side chats…


The featured game was LCR (Left, Center, Right).

Instead of using money we played with black-eyed peas and the person winning the pot wins a prize.

Everyone knew they were in for a challenge when Pappy agreed to play. It is so fun to see the competitive side of people come out!

Smokin Dicks: When the first hint of Autumn blows in it serves as an excuse to light the pit (not that he needs and excuse).

The ribs were by far the best Richard has ever made! Ummm Ummm Finger Lickin’ Good!!!

He also smoked brisket and sausage and they were equally good.

Served with incredible sides followed by decadent desserts the meal was a huge success!


Deb and Greg brought the biggest watermelon I had ever seen. With the initial cut the sweet juices began flowing! Kids and adults alike all enjoyed…

Swimming: The water was so refreshing. Nice and cool…Cannon Balls, Hand stands, and nose dives; all great fun!!!

Fire side chats:

Finishing up the day out by the fire pit with a hot cup of coffee, magazines, and good conversation was a beautiful ending to a wonderful day! 

Thanks to our precious Family and Friends for a wonderful day! 

Love Lee ♥

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