Celebrating Martha’s Salvation

What a wonderful day this was for Martha Mays, all those that love her, and for the Lord! Today was the day Martha chose to make her decision to accept Christ as her Lord and Savior known to all…

Back in May, Martha attended the First Baptist Church of Brazoria Ladies Retreat which God allowed me to speak at. It was after the first session on Friday night, I first met Martha. She was very quiet and reserved when she spoke. She thanked me for the session and asked me a few questions. We had a couple more opportunities to talk that evening. Then Martha announced she was going to bed.

The next morning she rushed over to me as I entered the meeting room and announced she had accepted Christ as her Savior. The quiet reserve was gone! She was beaming!!! Later that morning she made the announcement publicly to the entire group of ladies.

We returned to our homes and normal lives but have remained in touch via Facebook and email. A couple of weeks ago Martha emailed me and announced she was going to be baptised. I was so excited for her! I know this decision was not easy for her as she is very shy and would be nervous about getting up in front of the entire church.

 This morning, I could hardly wait to get to church! It was Martha’s big day. The choir sang a couple of songs then the choir sat down for the baptism. I couldn’t stand it…you know me, I wanted to take pictures! Richard leaned over and whispered, “you should go down to the first row so you can get a better shot”.  So, I did and wow I am so glad I did!!!

 Brother Greg entered the baptistery and provided an introduction and explanation of baptism. Then he introduced Martha to the congregation. I could tell she was a little nervous as she made her way into the baptistery. Then Brother Greg asked those that had supported Martha or played some part in her giving her life to Jesus to stand. It was amazing…People were standing all over the congregation.

Finally, Martha looked out and our eyes met. She immediately started to cry like many others! Then, with the words “Dead to sin” under she went. As she came up Brother Greg said ” alive in Christ”. You could hear the shouts throughout the building and the smile on Martha’s face was indescribable…


The song that immediately rolled through my head was “Favorite Song of All”  by Phillips, Craig, and Dean. Chills immediately ran up and down my spine.  The link above to the video is absolutely beautiful as is Martha!

Martha, today you publicly announced your love for Jesus. Your family loves you and we are here to support you as you grow in Him!

Today, I rejoice with you my Sister in Christ!

Love Lee ♥

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