Why Does Everything Have to Be So Hard

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why does everything have to be so hard”?

I have several friends who are going through some very difficult times. I too have had some very tough times in my life. I would like to believe all the pain or struggle I have endured had to be for something of worth and indeed it usually is. However, it is not easy for me to see the good when I am right smack dab in the middle of the crisis…Bottom line God is in control and He can either allow the trial or send the trial…I know, I know you say, “How can a God of love allow struggles or trials to happen?”.

Hang with me…

  James 1:2 says “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, Wow, I don’t know about you but “Joy” is not the first word that comes to my mind when I am struggling in life.

Purpose of Trials:

  • Perhaps God is trying to get our attention: When life is good do we recognize God, seek Him, talk to Him, or read about Him? I say, not usually. Therefore God allows trials to come our way as a means to get our attention and draw us back to Him.
  • Maybe He wants to get to some sin in our life: Do we even recognize our sinful nature when everything is going good, we feel good, or we are on top of the world? Nope, why would we want to change anything about ourselves if what we are doing is working just fine?
  • Then again, maybe He wants us to surrender something: Is there something in our lives that means more to us than the Lord? Could it be a car, home, appearance, friends, family, habit…I think you get my drift. It could be anything you put value to…anything you want more than God. He wants to be number one in our lives and not a second choice!
  • Have you ever thought perhaps He has something better: God does not want us to live with status quo He adores us and wants the best for us. Do we want the best He has to offer?
  • Also, could it be He wants to conform us to His image:  He wants us to stop being conformed to the likeness of the world and be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is the good and perfect will of God
  • Finally, have you ever thought that possibly He could be trying to equip us for service: It is difficult t minister to others if we have had a picture perfect world with everything and everyone in it equally perfect. No, sometimes we must walk through the valley so we can truly empathize with someone rather than pity them.

Effects of struggles:

A struggle or a trial can either destroy you or develop you. Developement takes practice, dedication, and a very strong devotion. When God developes us through a trial He makes us stronger,  knowledgeable, understanding, reputable, dependable, and stable. On the other side of the trial we experience peace, joy, and serenity.

The Choice

So the outcome is up to us…Do we allow the trial to destroy us or develop us? So when we have trials do we fight against God, argue with Him, or turn to a friend to bail you out? God  does not want to destroy us. He wants to bless us. The only time we can be destroyed is when we allow satan to get a grip on us when we are going through difficulties. A trial can render you useless or it can equip you to be a fantastic servant for God.

Our Response:

Our response to the choices we have are very dependent on several things. One is our view of God. Do you see God as legalistic… God that constantly punishes? Or, do you see God as kind, loving, compassionate, and forgiving? Do you see Him behind your trial with anger or a kind and loving God?

The Summary of Some of My Trials:

 I have made some great memories and have had some great sorrows but none would have occurred if any one of the trials I endured in my life had been skipped.  

  • Had my parents not split up when I was 5 then reconciled and moved to Liverpool; I might not have asked Jesus to be my Savior.
  • If our house had not flooded when I was in the 5th grade and we had not moved to Clute; my parent’s dysfunctional relationship might have continued.
  • If my parent’s had not divorced; I am certain I would not have moved to Angleton, met and married Richard, and had 2 beautiful girls.
  •  If we had not had difficulties with our oldest daughter; I would have never moved to Brazoria.
  •  If we had not moved to Brazoria; my youngest daughter would have never met the father of my precious Granddaughter.
  • If Richard had not surrendered to the ministry; I might not have walked thru some of my darkest days.
  • And if I had not walked thru some of my darkest days; I could not share the Joy only Jesus gives with such conviction. 

Nothing in my life happened by accident…God had a plan for me and he has one for you too!





Love Lee ♥

One thought on “Why Does Everything Have to Be So Hard

  1. Amen for trail! I would not be who I am today had I not endured the trails I have. And oh sister, I wouldn’t have endured those trails without the love of God!

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