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Ladies Night 2011

How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

Guest Speaker

 Jonna Gibson

Jonna  is no stranger to the ministry of the Lord.  Having grown up in church and giving her life to the Lord at a very young age, her testimony is one that proclaims the power of God’s love that keeps a young person pure and grounded in Him.  Jonna has carried her commitment to the Lord and His Kingdom even into her adult years with the same consistency.  She has been married to Pastor Donald Gibson since 1989 and although she has served alongside him as a helpmate, providing strength and encouragement for over 20 years, she is not without her own calling.

 Jonna has been gifted to speak words of wisdom and discernment into lives and situations wrapped in a very real and straight-forward, yet mercy and grace-filled package.  Setting her apart from others is her ability to connect with real people in real situations as she finds this common ground with them; that in addition to wanting to be loved, we are all created on purpose and for a purpose and life is about enjoying the journey of discovering what that purpose is.  She is able to draw on her gifts in her service as a full-time RN where she is continually called upon to be a support to grieving families, giving her an opportunity to share Jesus in an otherwise seemingly God-less scene.

 Together Donald and Jonna have two boys, Trey and Corey, and they reside in Houston, TX.

 Ministering in Music…

Brandi Lee Booth

Moving Forward by the Grace of God…Born June 25th, 1981 in Freeport, Texas to devoted and loving parents Richard and Lee Ann Smith. Lifetime resident of Brazoria County. Married to husband Del Booth for 6 years and a proud mother of three beautiful children; Cheyenne, Michael and Brandon.

Currently she is a student at Brazosport College earning credits to obtain her teaching degree. She sings with passion for Christ and enjoys teaching children the incredible gift of worship through song and praise.


Location: First Baptist Church Brazoria
Date: May 14th
Time: 6pm
Registration Fee: $7.00
Registration Ends May 1st so call (979) 709-1840 or (979) 239-7091 to get your name on the list and make arrangements for payment.

Child care will be available.

Adding Passion in Life

This morning I read a post on Facebook and the very word that came to my mind was Passion…

Susan Revermann, writes: Passion can be anything powerful or compelling, a strong desire towards something or just overall enthusiasm in life. Having passion in your life helps give personal power to live fully. When mind, body and spirit work together, it can help to manifest your potential and overcome obstacles. Many people shy away from seeking passion because of fear of failure and of taking the risks that will lead to an undefined future. Defining passion in life can fuel creativity and inspiration and change your life experience.

Yep, that defines my precious Brother-in-Law Mike Smith. This was what he  posted: Forget about the Pied Piper because all of the little kids came out of their classrooms and followed me down the hall as I played “If You’re Happy and You Know It” on trumpet. The new primary playground is now open and I left them blowing bubbles and playing on the new playground!”

Mike retired from teaching band in public school and then went immediately to teach in a Christian school. His passion for music is evident the very moment he picks up his French horn. One is moved to emotion at the sound of the very first note he plays. Mike while passionate about music is even more passionate about Christ!!!

This caused me to think about my own passions in life. For as long as I can remember, I have been told “you are so passionate”. To that I say “YES I AM” !!! I love life and live it in such a way that everything and everyone matters. However, one area I am most passionate is Women’s Ministry and speaking God’s love, mercy, and healing over women’s lives. Women’s Retreats, Ladies Night, Teas, and Lock-ins are an awesome way to remove ourselves from the hustle and bustle of the world and focus on relationships…with both God and Sisters in Christ. However, Women’s Ministry is equally important in the everyday life; ministering to women who get caught up in the everyday hum drum life and become discouraged…Yep, this is the calling God has placed on my life and I am passionate about His calling!!!

What is your passion?

 Having trouble figuring it out? Perhaps you might want to check out “How to Define Your Passion in Life” for some help.

Live life with Passion!

Love Lee ♥