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Can’t Take Them Back

All to often we forget how our spoken word impacts others. And, every day we decide whether the impact will be positive or negative. But, what we have no control over is the lasting effects of our words.

King Solomon said, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21) and he was sooo right!

Think back to your childhood to a time when someone said something  to you that still impacts you today. I can think of many…In-fact, I can think of words from a week, month, and year ago.

So, how do you speak to others today? Are your words positive and uplifting or are the negative and cutting? There are several ways you can have a positive impact with the spoken word.

  • Speak in Love
  • Practice Giving Compliments
  • Practice Responding rather than Reacting
  • Learn to say I am sorry
  • Learn to say I forgive you
  • Practice positive Self-Talk
  • Remember to say Thank You

The words which flow from your mouth could possible impact others for generations and once those words leave your mouth…


Love Lee ♥

The Power of Words

As I was writing a Happy Birthday greeting on my friend’s Facebook Wall this morning, I began to think of how much power words hold and the affect they can have on a person. Think about it: Words spoken by

  • God created the earth and everything placed on it
  • Political leaders can begin and end wars
  • Teachers educate the world
  • Preachers encourage a congregation
  • News anchors provide updates on events occurring around the world
  • Spouses make or break a marriage
  • Parents influence the future of their children
  • Grandparents are cherished for a life time

And Words Spoken By You Have the Power to Encourage Everyone You Encounter Today!!!

The Power of Words…

What Will You Say Today?

Love Lee ♥