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The Power of Words

As I was writing a Happy Birthday greeting on my friend’s Facebook Wall this morning, I began to think of how much power words hold and the affect they can have on a person. Think about it: Words spoken by

  • God created the earth and everything placed on it
  • Political leaders can begin and end wars
  • Teachers educate the world
  • Preachers encourage a congregation
  • News anchors provide updates on events occurring around the world
  • Spouses make or break a marriage
  • Parents influence the future of their children
  • Grandparents are cherished for a life time

And Words Spoken By You Have the Power to Encourage Everyone You Encounter Today!!!

The Power of Words…

What Will You Say Today?

Love Lee ♥



If Momma Ain’t Happy

It is amazing how much influence a woman has over her home. For years my husband has jokingly said, “If Momma Aint Happy; Aint Nobody Happy”. There is so much truth to that saying. We as women set the tone in our homes. Having a bad day? Well, you can pretty much bet everyone else in the house is too. Happy and joyful? Give it a little time and your happiness will affect the whole family. Think about it…the attitude of the wife/ mother sets the tone for entire home. That is a lot of power we possess!

I also feel it would be safe to say, the priorities of the wife/ mother becomes the priorities for the entire family. If it is a priority to attend an event, you can pretty much bet the entire family will be there. If it is a priority to clean house, momma will enlist the help of the family. Amazingly everyone’s priority becomes housework whether they are in the mood to clean or not.

When a woman gets it in her mind to do something there is little a man can do to sway her from it. In fact, the woman has a lot of power over the man to sway him to her line of thinking. This phenomenon is demonstrated in Genesis when Eve persuaded Adam to partake of the forbidden fruit. Knowing this, we as wives and mothers must be so very careful because the results of our persuasion can undermine our husband’s wisdom and authority in the home.

Ladies, I challenge you to set priorities which places God in the center of your home, to serve Him, and to create an atmosphere of worship in your homes. Meet the challenge and set priorities that will provide the opportunity and atmosphere for the rest of your family to make God important in their lives.

“But as for me and my household we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15 

Has this scripture been put into practice in your home? Is serving God a priority for your home? Are you living the example so your family recognizes this as a priority?  

Place Jesus in the heart of your home and your home will have a heart like Jesus!

Love Lee ♥