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Just Keep Dancing

David danced before the LORD with all his might; II Samuel 6:14

One of my favorite television shows to  watch is  “Dancing With the Stars”. I love seeing the contestants start of with minimal skill then as the weeks go by they transform into skilled dancers with precision, poise, gracefulness, and moves that I could not even dream of being able to perform…

This show reminds me much of life. We start out clumsy and easily frustrated but as we face greater challenges we begin to handle them with more poise and tolerance.

  • Does it happen over night? No!
  • Will we miss steps? Yes!
  • Will those we must dance with irritate us? Absolutely!

But…it is so important we remember…whether we are tired, sore, frustrated, challenged, or even tempted to quit we must …


Love Lee ♥

They Danced Their Little Hearts Out

In a recent post The Gift That Keeps Giving, I mentioned I have been downloading pictures from my girls’ childhood. This has been a daunting task transferring old photos to electronic format. While it has been a lot of work it has also been very pleasurable too.

Some of my fondest memories of my girls were centered around their involvement in dance.  They both were enrolled in tap, ballet, and jazz and were passionate about each. In addition to their group routines they both performed solos. So for the dance recital each year they both performed group tap, group ballet, group jazz and a solo. This meant eight costumes per recital. Needless to say, things were always a little hectic trying to get their solo costumes adorned with sequence and beads. You know, I just realized this may have been where my love of bling began. LOL!!!

It was amazing how they never tired of dancing. Their feet were going 24/7. And to this day Brandi reminds me of the time I wacked her in the head with a hair brush so she would stop tapping long enough for me to get her hair into a pony tail.  They would tap on the coffee tables, perform jazz in the driveway, and ballet in front of the TV (during the climax of the movie of course).

Make-up, hair, costume, lights, camera, and action…The curtain rises and they would begin to dance their little hearts out as if no one was watching…

 After hours of lessons, practice, and competition they have a huge sense of accomplishment, friends, memories and I have pictures!!!


Love Lee ♥