We Were Strangers

In October Richard and I sold our home and moved into our Motor Home so we could build a house on our daughter and son-in-law’s ranch. While the prospect of building is exciting it is one that is very intimidating too. Knowing this will be our forever home on this earth added another layer of complexity as we knew if we didn’t get it right…we would be “stuck” with it. 

Every spare minute has been consumed with looking for a floor plan…I would ask my daughter to help me and she would say, “I don’t enjoy looking at floor plans.” So, I was on my own! Looking at books, surfing the internet, and driving around looking at homes became a daunting task!!!

Each day on my drive home from work I would pass a house that would call out to me. I loved the lines, color, size, and windows. In-fact so much so that I finally got the nerve to stop and ask the owner about it.

The gentleman was busy working in his barn but kind enough to take a few minutes and share some of the details about the house.  Then he said, “my wife is not home but if you would like to see the inside you can just give her a call”. The next day I called the owner’s wife and she was so kind to invite me over for a tour.

My granddaughter and I were greeted at the front door by a precious woman wearing the warmest smile. As we stepped through the door, I was blown away…

The interior was breath-taking…

The owner provided a very thorough tour and included all the details for the decisions she made when designing her home. She had given so much thought to the floor plan and had impeccable taste when it came to interior design. Before I knew it, 2 hours had passed and we were laughing and sharing stories about our lives and our families. Then she said the words I had longed to hear since beginning this journey…”I would be happy to help you if you like”

A total stranger had offered to share my journey, help me with my floor plan, and allow me to bounce my ideas off of her…

I went straight home and got my graph paper and pencil and began to draw up what I wanted. Now mind you, I have gone through several erasers doing it but finally, I had something on paper to work with.

I took my drawing back to my new-found friend. She sat and studied it for a few minutes and made some invaluable suggestions and before I knew it…It was done and we sat and visited like we had been friends for years!!!

I find it amazing the things God uses to bring new people into our lives!!!

We Were Strangers…Now we are Friends!!!

Don’t pass up an opportunity to meet a stranger…they may end up one of your closest friends!!!

Brenda, Thank you for the gift of friendship!!!

Love Lee ♥

One thought on “We Were Strangers

  1. What a beautiful story, LeeAnn! Thank you for sharing. Very encouraging for me to read today. Just takes a little courage.

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