But…It’s Paid For

Do you ever feel like everything is falling apart?

I recently began to focus on all the repairs that were needed on my vehicle when a friend opened the passenger door on my car and a piece of trim fell off. Initially I was embarrassed and then before I knew it I was focused on every flaw. Then like a goober, I began to point out all the issues to my friend by saying, “Oh Girl, that’s nothing…the engine light is on, the cover on my ashtray falls off easily, the back window tint is lifting, and oh as if that were not enough I think I need to replace a tire.” Then after I pointed out all the flaws, I followed up with..

“But…It’s Paid For”

My friend said, “You know when I was younger all of that would have mattered; I wanted everything perfect. Isn’t it interesting how things don’t matter as much as we get older?”

Our dialogue reminded me of my life…I have aches, pains, sin, baggage, and on occasion “attitude”. All associated with negative connotations but one statement makes it all better…

“But…It’s Paid For”

I don’t have to wallow in emotional pain, self-pity or guilt of my sin because all my sin is covered by the blood of Jesus. The debt has been paid in full…It is up to me to remember this prior to allowing my mind to wonder to the negative side and instead focus on the positive. I, bought by the Blood of Jesus Christ am paid in full. And, that purchase comes with a guarantee of eternal life in heaven.  

Often it is the enemy’s ploy is to remind us of those areas in our lives that are lacking but we know it is up to us to say to the adversary…

“But…It’s Paid For”

Love Lee ♥

3 thoughts on “But…It’s Paid For

  1. Praising God that’s it’s PAID IN FULL…He paid the price I could not pay!!! Love you LeeAnn….hope you have a wonderful day.

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