This is Your Life

I remember several years ago there was a TV show  called “This Is Your Life”. They would highlight the life of a person by bringing in people from their past to surprise them. They would play a clip of  a person from the past sharing a memory while the contestant on the show would try to figure out who was speaking. Often the contestant had no idea how they had impacted the person from the past and on occasion would not even remember knowing them.

Today, you are impacting someones life while creating your past.. So in order to live today to its fullest and not regret your past, you must

  1. Put God first
  2. Treat people with dignity
  3. Offer words of encouragement
  4. Do what is right even when no one is watching
  5. Go the extra mile no matter how tired you are
  6. Show up and be connected

While God’s grace covers our mistakes and gives us a clean slate, it does give us permission to blow our days away without thought to consequences…We will be accountable for every word or deed so make today count because…

This is Your Life!

Love Lee ♥

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