The Best Seat In The House

My Husband and I enjoy  theatrical performances, ballet, musicals, orchestra, opera, and choral concerts. We try to choose our  seating to ensure we are able to see and hear as much as possible.  We want the best seats in the house although they are not always within our reach financially so we feel comfortable and safe (I don’t care for heights). 

There is one seat I am guaranteed in life. It is always available and I never have to make reservations. It is comfortable and very safe.  It is in the Hand Of God…

In His hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind. Job 12:10

How awesome is that? In His hand we are held.  In His hand I am comfortable, protected, and alive. 

We Are Never More Than an Arms Length Away Sitting in the Hand Of God! 

And it is with His hands He draws us to Himself embracing us and holding us near to His heart.

I Have the Best Seat In the House! Come Join Me…

Love Lee ♥

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