A Love Lee Design


Yes, you read the title right! Now that I have had time to rest after retiring from my nursing career, I am eager to get back to fostering my creative side again. I have missed being spontaneous; waking up each morning to work on or plan my next project. You see it makes perfect sense because it is part of who I am… The Word says I was created in my Father’s image and let me tell you…He is the ultimate at being creative!!!

So, I knew what I wanted to do but so many questions began to flood my mind…

  • What am I most passionate about?
  • What shall I create?
  • Where do I start?
  • Who will be interested?
  • What if I’m not good enough?

Whoa…Strike that last question! There will always be doubters and those who just won’t like me or my work. In fact that reminds me of the piece I wrote on “How Juicy Do We Want to Be”. Yep, if He births a passion within me, then I know it will be good enough because…He is the One who gifted me and placed a desire in my heart to get back to being creative.

So, I sat and read over my list and I asked myself over and over…What am I most passionate about? Then like a ton of bricks it hit me!!! Other than God and my family which is a given…I realized the thing I am most passionate about is HOME! Of Course it is my Passion…HOME! I love everything about HOME!!!

Hmmm…OK, so now what? Funny how God works,  He didn’t make me wait long for that answer and he chose the perfect person to plant the seed…My dear friend Pam Stuckey is equally passionate about her home as I am mine. In-fact, our husbands shudder at the thought of us going to Hobby Lobby together! In a conversation with Pam she said, “You know, not everyone has the ability or vision for design. Would you consider helping me build Barndominiums?”. Well, after much discussion I was in and we were on our way! Pam consults on the build and I consult on the design of the floor plan, surfaces, color schemes, and flooring…Making the client’s Pinterest dreams come true!

In addition to making dreams come true for new builders, there are a lot of women who have commented, “I would love for you to help me decorate my house.” or “I wish you would give my house an overhaul.” or ” Would you consider staging my house for me so it will sale faster?”. Hmmm…More seeds planted and I have decided to nurture them and watch them grow. So, now I am expanding my services to include:

  • Re-Design by incorporating what you already have to create a whole new look by
    • Re-arranging furnitures
    • Re-hanging art
    • Changing the placement of accent pieces
  • New Design…Out with the old and in with the new. After a consultation visit to determine budget and your personal preference, I go to work making your dreams come true.
  • Seasonal and Holiday Decorating you have always wanted but just couldn’t figure out how to pull it off or don’t have time…Let me help!!!

Home should be welcoming and inviting to you, your family, and your guests. It should tantalize all your senses so you crave to be there…

Your HOME, Let’s Create it Together!!!


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