Finish With the Right Stuff

As many of you may already know, Richard and I decided to sell our home back in February. We listed our place and within a week we had a contract. It was then the reality hit…We have a lot of “Stuff” to deal with!

Our plan was to build so we knew we were going to have to put all our “Stuff” in storage. Well, that was easier said than done! Moving 3,600 square feet of a house into storage required 4 separate storage buildings. One might ask, If you knew you were down sizing then why didn’t you just get rid of some “Stuff”

Sounds easy enough right?


You see, for us…our “Stuff” represented all we’ve worked for our entire married lives! And, much of our stuff came at what seemed a very high price! We’ve worked shift-work, given up time with our family on weekends and holidays, and  made other sacrifices to ensure our home was pleasant and comfortable.  And, when you have 3,600 square feet… you’ve gotta have a lot of “Stuff” to fill up the place.

Interestingly enough Richard and I have come to the realization home is not about wood, bricks, and mortar but instead, it is all about being with those you love and cherish, making and sharing memories, and most of all…Each other!

We have found that home and it is with our Son-in-Law, Daughter, and Granddaughter. We are very humbled to be so loved!!!

Now, I will be going through our storage buildings to find the “Right Stuff” to put in our area of their home.

So, now the goal is to Let Go And…


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3 thoughts on “Finish With the Right Stuff

  1. All wordy possessions are not important and should not be held as such during our living. I think the bible addresses it many times. It took a huge change in my life to know what is important and what is not. If I had the money that I used to make then most would go to helping others and not anything else!

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