The Letter

Yesterday was HARD…It was a day filled with emotion, miscommunication, and a lot of “Stuff”! It seemed everything was a struggle until…The Letter!

A little over a week ago I received notification I would be getting a letter in the mail and to be on the look out for it. So, each day I would go to the mail box and…Nothing!

You know the old saying “Timing is Everything”? Well, it is true. I received the letter yesterday and the timing could not have been more perfect!

The letter was filled with one’s story of  struggles, failures, and hopelessness.  It was also filled with gratitude, hope, and success generated by a simple question I asked during a conversation we had over 18 months ago. The letter was a such a testimony of how God can use us to make a difference in the lives of others. Did I know that one question in a lengthy conversation would make such a profound impact on someone? No, but God did!

Nothing Comes as a Surprise to God but I do Believe He loves to Surprise Us!

Only God knew what kind of day I would be having yesterday and only God knew a simple question asked over 18 months ago would result in a “Thank You” letter I would receive on the very day I needed it most.

So, while my asking a simple question Made A Difference in the life of my friend…Her “Thank You” letter  Made A Difference in mine!

I Thank God for “The Letter” and I Thank God for My Friend!

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