Their Hearts Are Hurting

So you wake up each morning, hang your legs over the side of the bed and say to yourself, “How Can I Screw Up This Day?” Right???


However, there are those who would believe otherwise. In-fact, it becomes their goal to critique you on everything you do. You know…that person who makes it their personal goal  criticize your every move. Have you ever wondered what make the critical person tick? Having had my fair share of criticism I have recognized the following commonalities of a critical personality:

Internal Anger:

Often the critical person has deep-seated anger carried within. This anger could possibly be generated by unmet goals, emotional abuse, or the belief their rights had been violated. This person walks miserable and by being critical they ensure everyone is as miserable as they are.


A person can be overly critical because this is how they were wounded as a child. Then, carries the wound in the subconscious mind making him/her overly critical and unbearable to be around. This person has received negative messages as a child resulting in an overly critical and sarcastic adult. The negative messages that this child constantly received as a child turned into a way of thinking that lead him to become an overly critical and sarcastic adult.

Lack of Self-Confidence:

The person who lacks self-confidence frequently puts himself down. This person is full of negative messages and these negative messages are transmitted to others in the form of criticism.

Now when you encounter that constant overly critical personality you no longer have to become defensive because your are able to recognize the criticism is not always warrented. In-fact, now rather than seeing an overbearing critic you are able to see a wounded child who is angry and lacks self-confidence.

So how do you respond to the criticism? Do you retaliate or withdraw?  Dealing with Criticism is an awesome article I found that is full of advice for you on how to deal with criticism.

To deal with the critical persons…pray for them!

Their Hearts Are Hurting!!!

Love Lee ♥


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