Our Nana is Awake

As I wrote just a few days ago…”What a Difference a Day Can Make”. Yesterday our Nana was on a ventilator and today she is off and breathing on her own. Not only is she breathing… She is talking!

God Is Sooo Good!!!

As I sit here holding her hand, I thank God for His sweet presence.

Nana still has a long road ahead but she has come such a long way so quickly.

Please continue to pray for our Nana as she still has a nasty infection which is wiping her out!!!

But for now…

Our Nana Is Awake!!!

Love Lee ♥

2 thoughts on “Our Nana is Awake

  1. Glory Be to GOD Yes Lee GOD is Good..He is an Awesome GOD. That is Good to hear that your Nana is Awake. My prayers will be going up for your Nana, you and your entire family in Christ Jesus Name. Amen!! Agape! 🙂

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