He Knows My Name

There is so much comfort in being called by name..

Having lived in Brazoria County all our lives it was rare we could go to the grocery store for a gallon of milk and make it back home (a few blocks away) in less than an hour. You see, every time, it seems as though we would run into someone we knew and would end up talking for a good while. In-fact, I can’t think of a time I went to the store there wasn’t someone to call me by name.

I will never forget when we moved from Brazoria County to Fort Worth…we found ourselves in a town where we did not know a soul. I sitting in Long John Silvers one day and right in the middle of our meal,  I broke down into tears. When Richard asked me what was wrong, my reply was, “No one knows my name”.

While living in Fort Worth, I experienced some very lonely times with minimal contact with family and friends. However, it was during those times I realized “He Knows My Name”!!! In-fact, he knows everything about me. He knew me while I was still in my mother’s womb and He loves me…

Today, I am not alone because…

He Knows My Name

Love Lee ♥

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