Ask for Help Before You Melt

In life we teach our children life skills with hopes they grow up as law-abiding, moral, responsible and self-sufficient adults. However, what we often fail to teach them or what we may have failed to learn ourselves is…sometimes we need help! In this perfectionist model the need for assistance is often translated as failure.

Because we learn this as we grow-up often it becomes a blow to our egos when we realize we can’t do it alone or even we are not the right person to do it at all…As an ICU nurse I learned  it takes teamwork and it is ok to ask for help. Without help we can become fragile and vulnerable.

Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together~Unknown

I love this saying!!!

Snowflakes, while fragile they are also unique and it is the intricate shapes that make them unique.  As the single snowflake begins to melt all the snow looses its uniqueness it also looses its magnitude. It is no longer remains beautiful fluffy white snow but instead becomes water or ice.

To summarize…

  • We are fragile beings
  • We are unique beings
  • When we stick together with other fragile and unique beings we can accomplish so much more
  • When we keep our uniqueness we are easily identified
  • When our uniqueness dissolves we become just like everyone else and are not as effective to the team

Most importantly…

Ask for Help Before You Melt…

Love Lee ♥





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