What Are You Talking About

When with others, what is the focus of your conversation? Is it your family, your possessions, your job, your hobby, or perhaps your passions?  Are you able to talk about anything other than you? Are you able to relate?

In speaking with a friend recently she said, “that gal had no idea who she was talking to…all she could talk about was her spa days, cruises, and shopping sprees. Does she not have a clue?”. You see my friends comment was founded. She did not even have a job or a means to pay her mortgage or purchase food.

When conversing with others it is very important to know your audience. So, how do you get to know the person you are speaking with?

Turn the conversation away from yourself: Remove the words me and I from your conversation. Allow the conversation to be about the other person.

Give your full attention to the person you are speaking with: Remove the mental distractions which occupy your attentions

Ask questions about their life: Generally people will to tell you about their lives but want to be asked. It is vital to know your audience.

Really listen to what they are saying: Hear both the spoken and unspoken words. Listen to the true meaning of what they are saying. 

Monitor your facial expressions: Your face says it all…are you conveying you care, you’re bored, you disapprove?

Be aware of your body language: Are your arms crossed in front of you, are you slouched down, are your hands on your hips? Your body language speaks volumes!

Most importantly, let your thoughts and conversations be wholesome, positive, and  non judgemental.

Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer. Psalms 19:14

So, My Friend…What Are You Talking About?

Love Lee ♥

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