Encourage Them

But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness. Hebrews 3:13

Everyone has the ability to provide positive encouragement, but to do so often requires us to step out of our world, take our minds off of ourselves and re-direct our thoughts towards others. Too little encouragement to others can lead one to believe you are self-centered and uncaring. Too much encouragement can be construed as pushy or obsessive.

To be a great encourager you should…

  1. Keep an open mind and allow others to voice their opinions. Give them a chance to say what they think and feel.
  2. Focus on the needs of others showing them you are on their side and have only the best intentions in mind.
  3. Be spontaneous by giving encouragement for the things they do, their performance, or how they are in general and not just when they do something praiseworthy
  4. Be honest when giving encouragement because chances are the other person can tell when you’re being fake.
  5. Always find a way to flip a negative into encouragement. All encouragement is based on success…so, For example, instead of telling someone that what they did was completely wrong, tell them at least one or two things that they did right, then explain how it can be even better if they consider doing something else as well.
  6. Offer to help. Suggest several ways that you might be of service, then ask if there is anything else that you can do. If the person turns down your request, let her know that you are there to help whenever possible. This lets the person know that she isn’t alone.

Encouragement should be…

1. PersonalTell them personally how much you believe in them.
2. PointedTell them specifically what you appreciate about them.
3. PublicTalk them up in front of others.
4. PurposefulHave a goal that you are shooting for in their lives. Don’t make it meaningless.

How being an encourager effects you…

  1. Your focus becomes positive rather than negative
  2. Your thoughts are turned towards others rather than yourself
  3. You become more aware of others efforts and hard work as well as their disappointments.
  4. You are being obedient to God’s word

Lifting up others may not be second nature to you but with prayer and practice you can become an awesome source of encouragement to others…

Who do you know that needs a little encouraging today?

Encourage Them…

Love Lee ♥

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