Don’t Remind Us

Recently while at church I was reminded of the realities of the aging process when I walked past a little old grey-headed man. He was using a walker to ambulate and was all hunched over. As I approached him he lifted his head and made eye contact with me. My heart began to weep. It was my precious friend who was always full of life and laughter. He would grab me and give me the biggest hug every time he saw me. Now, he didn’t even know me! 

This year I celebrated my 50th Birthday and it was incredible yet it is hard to believe I am a half a century old.

I write this post today as an apology and a tribute to my senior friends and family. Also, I want to educate the younger generation.


I am sooo sorry for all my actions and comments about your age that may have made you feel worthless or unwanted. I apologize if I made you sad or hurt your feelings. I apologize for rushing you and not recognizing your aches, pains, and struggles. I love you and thank you for not giving up on me!


To my precious senior family and friends, I would like to say how incredible thankful I am to have you in my life. You have walked before me going through life trials and pains only to share them with me in order to prevent me from making the same mistakes. You take time to visit with me. I am glad you tell me the same story over and over. I love to hear them! I love your hugs and smiles! I appreciate you for making me feel like the most important person in the world! Thank you for the gifts you give as they are sentimental and I can tell you have put a lot of thought into them. Thank you for not giving up! I love you and pray God will pour out His blessings over your life bringing you peace, comfort, and joy.


It is important to remember that the ability to learn and adjust continues throughout life and is strongly influenced by interests, activities, and motivation. With years of rich experience and reflection, we can rise above our own circumstances. Old age, despite the physical limitations, can be a time of variety, creativity, and fulfillment.

So, please don’t:

  • Remind us we are old
  • Make references to our age when talking to others
  • Say, “You already told me that story”
  • Tell us “You wouldn’t understand”
  • Ignore us because of our age

Bottom line no matter what age a person is they bring value and meaning to the universe. They have something the younger generation does not…LIFE EXPERIENCE!

Please be gentle with the Senior Adults in your life…While they are not fragile they do have tender hearts! Your youth is a constant reminder to the Senior Adult of what life use to be.

Most importantly…how you treat a Senior Adult today is most likely how you will be treated when you are old.

Hug A Senior Adult Today and Let them Know They Are Loved…

Love Lee ♥

3 thoughts on “Don’t Remind Us

  1. Wow Lee very well said!you have brought tears to my eyes.Aging is not for the faint at heart only the strong truly grace the golden years.In my early 20s I had decided I was not going to ever get old and now that I am well over 40 it is a harsh truth that I now know as fact we all will one day be old if we are lucky.Some of my favorite clients who I have learned so much from over the years are quite older than me,but what they lack in smooth skin they make up with in kind loving knowledge that they so generously pass onto me.You have hit my heart strings,thank you for the reminder sometimes life gets so complicated we forget the important things!

  2. You’re very young in the Kingdom. How long is eternity anyway? I can’t imagine there will be a concept of age or being old.

    Love you!

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