What an Incredible Day!!!

I have thought about this day for years and have thought about what I could do to celebrate being a half a century old…But I never imagined it would be like this!!!

I woke this morning to a beautiful sunrise at Quintana Beach. Gentle breeze blowing and the smell of salt water in the air. Absolutely Beautiful!!!

Because Richard had made plans to go to my mother’s house today he wanted to go to the 8:00 church service this morning. I dressed for comfort since we were going to mom’s immediately after church. We had an awesome church service followed by great Sunday School. Then we were headed to my mom’s…I thought!

When we got in the car Richard said before we go to your mom’s I want to take you somewhere really special; somewhere I have never taken you. My gift to you…but I want it to be a surprise so I want you to put this blind fold on. Hmmm…I figured if he wanted to surprise me then I would go along with it. When we started out I tried to keep up with the turns so I would have an idea of where we were. After several turns I got completely turned around and then decided to sit back and enjoy the ride! Starts and stops; twists and turns…it felt like it was taking forever!

Finally, the car came to a stop and Richard said, “Before you take off the blindfold, you know I love you right?” I answered, “Yes”. Then he said, “and you know I would never do anything to hurt you right?”; I said “Yes”. Then he paused for a bit and said “Babe, I love you. You can take off the blindfold now”. When I took off the blindfold I was sitting in the parking lot of Quintana Breeze and standing in front of our car was my family and friend waving at me.

What a surprise!!! The very people I love most in the world had all gone in together and planned the most awesome Surprise Party. I could not have imagined it to be more perfect. Come to find out they have been planning the party since July! They had a family meeting (without me) and delegated the work out and when it all came together it was unbelievable!!!


They had planned the ultimate Tea Party. The Mad Hatter even came! My Brother Daniel has such a flare for theatrics and he out did himself on his outfit. The ladies were dressed so elegant. Because I thought I was going to my mom’s I was dressed in Capries and blouse. But, not for long. Richard had given them my dress, hat and shoes…Had my own dressing room and all…They had thought of EVERYTHING! They had even invited some of my most treasured friends.

To all involved in making my 50th Birthday so special…The beautiful tea cups and tea pots were the most perfect gifts!!! I love them every single one. I will remember this day forever!!!

Thank you so much! 

Love Lee ♥

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