Say Thank You


Saying “Thank You”  is so important especially when you are living in a thankless world. Do you receive those kind words, subtle niceties, or random acts of kindness with an attitude of gratitude or do you take them for granted?

It’s All About Manners 

We loved it when Richard’s grandmother, Gramma came to visit. She enjoyed playing games and one she played with our girls was “Please and Thank You” . It was a twist on “Go Fish”. When asking for a card you must say “Please” or you lose your turn. Then if you received the card you requested by saying “Please” but forgot to say “Thank You” you had to hand them back not only the card that was just handed to you but also the ones in your hand that matched that card. A great way to teach children manners. But, what about the kids or for that matter adults who did not have a Gramma to play  “Please and Thank You” with? Is it too late to develop an attitude of gratitude? I say it is never too late!

Recognize the Gift

It is important to recognize we must say, “Thank You” not only for those things we ask for but for those things which are given to us as a gift. But first we must recognize the gift and it is not always easy!

Several years ago, I was at work one day and my dear friend and neighbor came over to my house and mowed my yard. I was so surprised to find a perfectly manicured yard when I returned home. Immediately I knew who had done it. I walked over to her house and thanked her profusely for mowing for me…She stopped me right in the middle of my “Thank You” and said, “The gift was not a yard mowing. It was a gift of time. I wanted you take the time it would have taken you to mow your yard and apply it to the time you spend with Richard which is what you enjoy the most.” Suddenly the gift became even more valuable in my eyes.

A gift can come in many forms; a smile, a nod, a note or email, flowers…etc. The list could go on forever and that is why it is not always easy to recognize exactly what the gift might be. So, I challenge you to look for the hidden meanings as well as the obvious!

Acknowledge the Gift

Now that you have recognized a gift how did you acknowledge it? There are many ways to say “Thank You” …

For the casual gifts such as a smile, kind word, or deed a casual “Thank You” will work. Casual meaning an email, phone call, an e-card or even a Facebook post. But for those special gifts a formal “Thank You” is in order. Gifts given for a special occasion such as graduation, wedding, birth of a baby, or birthday warrant a more formal “Thank You” such as a “Thank You” card. When sending a “Thank You” it is important to remember…

  1. Avoid pre-printed “Thank You” cards but instead send one that is blank with an added personal hand written note. 
  2. Timing is everything so send the card within a week of the event or receipt of the gift.
  3. Content should be short with reference to the gift that was given.

America Has Lost Its Manners…We can begin now to teach the next generation how to be thankful…

Perhaps you could start by playing a game of “Please and Thank You”

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. Colossians 3:15

Love Lee ♥

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