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Be All You Can Be

How many times have you heard…someone refer to another by their appearance?

  • She’s smoking hot
  • She has such a pretty face
  • Her hair is always perfect
  • He’s built
  • He’s got those bedroom eyes

You know…you’ve heard them all.

I know you have seen or been on a conference call where they put the picture of the person speaking up on the screen so everyone will have a face to go with the voice.

Today, I was face on the screen…I was the guest speaker delivering information to a group of salesmen.

The phone rang and the hotel manager on the other end of the line introduced himself and said, “I am going to patch you into the conference now”.  I then heard a woman introducing me.

We immediately went into the subject matter and spoke to the group for about 15 minutes followed by a question answer session. Then to my surprise the audience applauded…

Oh My Gosh…I realized it was a conference room FULL of people…It was at that moment I realized putting my picture up on a screen in no way gave those people a clue who I was and I was reminded we are sooo much more than our appearance!

It is my voice, my knowledge, passion, enthusiasm, and excitement…Not just my appearance that defines me!

Now don’t get me wrong…anyone who knows me also knows I must be really ill if I have not applied my makeup or fixed my hair for the day. I am a firm believer in being the best me I can be at all times…

Do I do that for others?

NOPE! It is all for me…I love routine but I also love spontaneity so I kill two birds with one stone.

  1. Routine: I have the same regimen every morning…
  2. spontaneity: I’m always dressed and ready for any fun that might come my way!!!

While I may have been a face on the screen today…I am sooo much more. For that God gets all the glory cause He don’t make no junk!!!

My Father created me in His image…He loves me and is crazy for me!


He feels the same for you!!!

My sweet friend…

Be All You Can Be…FOR HIM!!!

Love Lee ♥