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To God Be The Glory

Preparations for a day of food, family and fun are well underway. Thanksgiving Day with all its excitement is here! As I sit sipping my morning coffee in my favorite chair, I find myself pondering all I am thankful for in my life. 

I am thankful for:

  • My mom for giving birth to me and loving me even when I am not loveable.
  • My Grandparents for loving me rotten (Our Nanny Miller)
  • My Sisters and Brother for looking up to me as their big sister
  • My precious husband for wrapping his loving arms around me and saying I do…and still does
  • My daughters Tori and Brandi who I adore and cherish with all my heart
  • My Grandchildren Cheyenne, Mike, and Brandon who rock my world
  • My precious friends for loving me in spite of my warts
  • All who are willing put aside their own lives to fight for our freedom

Above all other, I am so incredibly thankful for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…without them my being would be void of life!

Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song. Psalms 95:2  which is what Andrae Crouch has done in the song “To God Be The Glory” 

To God Be The Glory

How Can I Say Thanks
for The Things You Have Done For Me
things So Undeserved
yet You Give To Prove Your Love For Me
the Voices Of A Million Angels
cannot Express My Gratitude
all That I Am Or Ever Hope To Be
I Owe It All To Thee

to God Be The Glory
to God Be The Glory
to God Be The Glory
for The Things He Has Done
with His Blood, He Has Saved Me
by His Power, He Has Raised Me.
to God Be The Glory
for The Things He Has Done

just Let Me Live My Life
and Let It Be Pleasing, Lord To Thee
and Should I Gain Any Praise,
let It Go To Calvary.

with His Blood, He Has Saved Me
by His Power, He Has Raised Me.
to God Be The Glory
for The Things He Has Done.  

While you are thankful…Have you given Him the Glory?

Love Lee ♥



Keeping Your Promises

Who out there has said, “I will…” but knew deep down “You Wouldn’t? Often people commit to things or people without giving any thought to the implications or  consequences. Then when the time arrives to follow through with the commitment they realize it was never their intention to carry out what was promised so the excuses begin to flow.

Parents do this frequently. They tell the child whatever it takes to pacify them at the time. Then when it is time to deliver what was promised the parent is no longer quite so eager to please.

Before making a commitment or promise to someone you might want to consider the following:

  • Do you intend to you keep your word and follow through?
  • Is the commitment something you can realistically carry out?
  • Did you write down the commitment you made?
  • Do you know why you are making the promise?
  • Do you know what you hope to gain from the promise and the consequences of failure?

Keeping  promises demonstrates our “True Inner Self.”   It shows whether or not we have corruptible or incorruptible morals inside of us.   Integrity, Honor, Self-respect and Honesty means everything to man and to the Lord!  A broken promise means a broken trust and relationship.  Trust and respect as well as one’s honor is the basis of our relationship with our Lord.   He expects us to keep promises to others as well! 

…The Lord is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made. Psalms 145:13. Your Heavenly Father is the greatest promise keeper ever. His word is chalked full of promises for His children. He provides the  perfect example to us His kids teaching us the importance of keeping those promises. We should strive to follow His example.

So, what promises have you made?

It is never too late to deliver!!!

Love Lee ♥