Craving More

So you say to yourself, “I will have just a small bite of that cake or pie. Just a sliver…” Then as you finish that sliver you find yourself wanting more?

It is human nature to crave those things in life that evoke pleasure and comfort; those things that satisfy our fleshly desires. How often is it though that we have to make ourselves eat those things that bring healing and health to our bodies? I struggle in this area!

My daughter Brandi has taught me so much about clean eating; organic and all natural foods. I watch her prepare her meals adding only the freshest and healthiest ingredients which I might add taste incredible! So, why is it I find myself craving those foods which are unhealthy and un-natural? Because those foods are satisfying, familiar and comforting. They are the foods associated with an emotion embedded deep within the fibers of my being. I am working on that…I am trying to teach my body to crave what it needs for health and well-being…

So, what about Spiritual food? Why is it we find it so easy to digest a book or magazine over the Word of God? Why is it we find it a challenge to pick up our Bibles and feed ourselves the pure and natural food for our souls?

Whether it is food for the body or food for the soul…We eat what makes us “feel good”…Not always what we need. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of scriptures in the Bible that make me feel comforted, peaceful, and loved…those are not the scriptures I am referring to. It is those scriptures that pierce the core of my being with conviction. These scriptures much like the healthy foods…once devoured and digested begin to bring about results…

  • Sparkling eyes
  • Glowing Skin
  • A Healthy Heart
  • Deeper Breaths
  • Stronger muscles
  • Over-all sense of well-being

Then, before we know it, We find ourselves…

Craving More!

This song says it all for me…

As the Deer Pants for  the Water (Click to Listen)

Love Lee ♥

A Love Lee Place

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