Back in the Saddle Again

How many times have you found yourself passionate about a cause, hobby, life style or other interest only to wake up and realize the flames of passion is no longer blazing but is now smoldering in the ashes?

What was once a passion disappears over time when the subtleties of procrastination began to encroach on my thought processes.

  • “I’ll start my diet tomorrow”
  • “I’m too tired to read my Bible”
  • “I’ll blog after I ____________.”

Yep, I had too many answers for that last one. Over the past year I have filled in the blank with:

  • Mow the yard
  • Paint the Cabana
  • Paint the Kitchen
  • Wrap the Christmas presents
  • Drink another cup of coffee

The list could go on and on as I sit and think of all my excuses I’ve used over the past year!

I love to write…I love to minister…I love to share my trials, joys, successes, and failures in hopes I can make an impact on one for the Kingdom of God.

Therefore, I am stoking those smoldering ashes, getting rid of the list of excuses and I am…

Back in the Saddle Again

Won’t You Come Ride With Me…

Love Lee ♥

A Love Lee Place

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