Gonna Enjoy a Harvest

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I recently arrived home after a long day of work to find my precious husband tilling up a garden. I watched as he held tight to the powerful piece of machinery while it jerked and pulled him around what was soon to be the garden. Then I noticed every once in a while he would hit a patch of grass that would propel the tiller forward several feet and at times he would bog down into the grass. It became apparent the challenge was the grass and it must be removed before he could continue. So, I grabbed a rake and went to town removing the loosened grass so he could concentrate on preparing the soil to receive the crop he was about to plant.

As I was raking the grass out of the soil, it dawned on me I had a lot of work ahead of me. Then I realized much everything in life is similar to planting a garden. We must break up the roots, rake out the unwanted vegetation, prepare the soil, create the order, plant the seed, water and feed the plants. Then, we will finally be able to harvest and enjoy the crop!!!

Break Up The Roots

The roots of the grass holds the soil in place. These roots were embedded at different levels in the soil; some were on the surface while others were deep. During the first passes of the tiller only the surface roots were broken loose. Then as the grass was removed and the next pass was made the deeper roots were loosened so they could be more easily removed from the soil.

These roots represent emotions that are trapped in the fabric of our being. If we work to remove the surface emotions we are then able to dig deeper and clear those deep embedded emotions.

Prepare the soil

Once the grass is cleared then the tiller must make multiple passes in order to break down the dirt clods and soften the soil. In doing so the tender shoots are able to push through the soil covering with ease.

In much the same way we must break down the beliefs and opinions that were formed and are bound by the roots of emotions. By breaking down the opinions and beliefs based on negative emotion we prepare ourselves to receive new thought processes and belief systems.

Create the Order

If you were to go out to the garden and toss out a handful of seeds it would be quiet difficult harvest the plants. Without designated areas to walk it becomes difficult to access the plants at time of harvest. It would also be difficult to know where to step to prevent trampling the plants. Finally, rows and mounds also helps to ensure maintenance is easily maintained and ongoing weeding can take place. Therefore it is very important to create rows and mounds to ensure boundaries are established for your precious seedlings.

Such is the purpose of order in our lives. Without order, chaos sets in and before we know it the negative emotions begin to sprout up just as weeds in a garden. Without defined borders and boundaries it is difficult to identify the emotions before the roots become deep-seated and begin to take over our lives again.

Plant the Seed

Before you plant you must first decide what you would like to harvest. For example…if you expect to harvest tomatoes you certainly would not plant okra. In addition to deciding what you want you must also know where to plant and how deep to place the seed. Certain plants should not be planted next to each other as the mild flavored crops can take on the flavor of a bolder tasting crops. Example…Bell Peppers and Jalapenos.

We should plant those things which we wish to harvest in our lives. If you want to receive love then you must sow love, patience…sow patience, mercy…sow mercy. Do you want to plant negativity and negative emotions (weeds)? I think not! Instead plant the pleasant, kind, loving, and Godly attributes you want to see harvested in your life.  

Water and Feed

Food and water are essential to all life.

Just as your precious seeds will not take root flourish and grow without water and food, positive and Godly attributes will not flourish in you life. So how do you water and feed your soul…Bath in prayer and Feed on the Word…

Bath in Prayer: The Bible instructs us to pray without ceasing…sounds tough but it is not!!! Just as if you were walking side by side with a human, He is there walking with you…Talk to Him!!! Praying is nothing more than an ongoing conversation with God. Praising Him, Thanking Him, Adoring Him, Telling Him what frustrates you, Asking Him for guidance, Conversing with Him…

Feeding on His word: Reading God’s word is vital for growth. The Bible is chalked full of examples, instructions, guidance, words of wisdom, and words of cautions which we can draw from. God’s word is a lamp unto our feet and a light to our path…It is the single most important nutrient to the growth of our mind and soul…

If you are bathing in prayer and feeding on God’s word it also helps keep out the weeds!!!

Harvest the Crop

Awe…Finally, the moment we have waited for! Harvest time…A time to reap what we have sown, fed, watered, nurture, and protected; the Sweet juicy tomatoes, golden corn, huge meaty eggplants, tender green beans, or flavorful yellow crook-neck squash.

Just as it is time to harvest the fruits of your beautiful garden, in due time you will begin to enjoy the bounty of all the Godly characteristics, pleasant thoughts, and positive emotions you have fed, watered, nurtured and protected in your being!!!

So…It is time to break up the roots, rake out the unwanted vegetation, prepare the soil, create the order, plant the seed, water and feed the plants so, you can enjoy the harvest!!!

Love Lee





Sow for yourselves righteousness, reap the fruit of unfailing love, and break up your unplowed ground; for it is time to seek the LORD, until he comes and showers righteousness on you. Hosea 10:12

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