Guts and Glory

When our youngest daughter was in Jr. High she played league softball. I would often purchase T-shirts which had softball themes on them and give them to her for gifts. One particular shirt caught my eye. From a distance all I could see was…

“Guts and Glory”

As I looked at it closer it had a batter at the plate about to take a swing and the fine print said “Lord Give Me  and I will give You” Then when put with the large print the logo said …

Lord Give me the GUTS and I will give You the GLORY

This became my cry from the stands…”Guts and Glory Brandi…Guts and Glory”. Then it was game on! Whether she was pitching or hitting she would turn on the determination and give 110%.

As Christian’s this should be the cry of our daily life…Guts and Glory

Lord Give Me the Guts to…

  • Live for You
  • Speak up for You
  • Trust in You
  • Depend on You
  • Follow You

Then to say…I will give you the Glory…

  • Despite the outcome
  • Despite whether things are going right or not
  • Despite how I feel
  • Despite my surroundings
  • Despite what others say

What is Your Heart’s Cry? Mine is…


Guts and Glory!

Love Lee ♥


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