Who Defines Your Standards?

One of my favorite things to do is have coffee in the morning on the patio. This morning I decided to catch up on my reading. My most favorite thing to read other than the Bible is magazines…

While reading the November (oooh I am sooo behind) issue of  “All You” I came across this little blurb.

WOW…THAT IS PROFOUND and confirms what I have always known to be true!

When we expect excellence and produce tangible and accurate results then it becomes the standard. When one performs at a level less than that standard and it is acceptable then the standard is lowered sending out a message that substandard is now the new standard.

Additional things I have learned that go hand in hand with this is…

  1. Not everyone is capable of performing at the same level: Everyone possesses different skill sets and not everyone can produce the results defined by the standard.
  2. Not everyone understands the goal:  When the goal is not well-defined then it is virtually impossible for anyone to reach that goal. We must be clear, concise, and understood when defining a goal.
  3. Not everyone wants the same results: If everyone has their own agenda and the focus is meeting each individuals goals or agenda then the primary focus of team work is lost.  
  4. Not everyone cares: There are times when you find some just don’t care. They are there because they are expected to be.

So to better be able to get all players on the same page one must…

  1. Determine the skill set when making assignments: Assign those with similar skill sets to work together and set the standard based on that groups skill set. This prevents dragging down others or lowering the overall standard.
  2. Define the goal:  What does it look like, feel like, taste like, and sound like, and what smell like??? What is it we want to accomplish?
  3. Set the standard:Without a clear vision of what the standard is then one can by no means measure up.
  4. Weed out those that don’t care: Unfortunately there will be times when someone lacks the motivation, drive, passion, or connectivity to even care and those are the people who must go as they stifle the creativity of reaching the standard and ultimately the goal.

Now I ask you…Who sets the standard for you? Is it your family, friends, co-workers, pastor, church, or boss?


Jesus sets the standard, assigns our assignments based on our skill set, He has already defined the goal, and unfortunately those who do not care enough to reach the goal of eternal life will be weeded out!

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14

  1. The Skill Set: While we may not all be able to perform at the same level…God knows and makes our assignments accordingly
  2. The Goal: Eternal Life with Christ
  3. The Standard: The Bible…It clearly defines the standard which we must live by as Christians
  4. Weeding: Judgement… The weeding out will be done on judgement day when non-Christians will be cast away for eternity. Pardon the pun but they will be “FIRED”

Who tells you how to act, what to say, what to believe, or makes excuses for those that don’t??? Think about it…

Who Does God Say You ARE? and…Who DefinesYour Standards?

Love Lee ♥

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