Whose Opinion Defines You

My Sister Cheryl recently posted the statement below on her Facebook Status which lead to a quite lengthy list of comments…Because I am very passionate about the subject matter I just crawled up on my soapbox…

I share this because just this morning I realized Cheryl and I are not the only ones who have or are dealing with the opinions of others…

This New Year, stop listening to others’ opinions… about who you are, what they THINK about you, about who you are or what they think YOU should do or be! Stop speaking things over yourself that contradict who God’s Word says you are. Open His Word to see what He says about you. He’s a LOVING Father & wants His best for you. Don’t believe me: believe HIM. ~Cheryl Kimbrough Fairbank~

Lee’s Soap Box Session

I have sayings that helps me deal with those who attempt to steal my joy and suck my spirit out of me.

  1. I am not warring against flesh and blood: If people say or do things that contradict God’s nature …then it is not of God…Satan knows he can best get to us through those we love. By using them to whittle away at our spirit his mission is accomplished. My prayer is I will stay prayed up, read up, and filled with forgiveness and love so I am never that person for someone else.
  2. I am not the enemy: If Richard and I get crosswise. I remind him I am not the enemy. This helps us recognize exactly who the enemy is.
  3. On my list of opinions that count…Your Name IS NOT on my list: This one can get tricky…As an over achiever and a people pleaser, I have always valued the opinion of others especially those who I call family or friend. But as one who DETESTS conflict, lies, cheating, stealing, laziness and spirit suckers (Negative Knit Pickers) it helps me get the right perspective when making my list.

My list is a static list and names are added or removed as needed. God has blessed me with the Spirit of discernment so it becomes very easy to add and remove names due to the sensitivity to He has given me.

Sister, I so proud of you! You are so right…God is a good and LOVING God but He is also a JUST God. Everyone will be accountable for their actions and woe be to those who allow themselves to create conflict, speak lies, cheat, steal, waste their life away, or attempt to suck the life out of others…They will be accountable before the Lord on judgment day! People may think they have the world fooled but God ALWAYS knows!

Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. 1 John 4:7

OK can you give me a hand and help me get down off my soap box but before I do…I ask…

Whose Opinion Defines You?

Love Lee ♥

One thought on “Whose Opinion Defines You

  1. Thank you for this post.Working with the public trying to please everyones ideas of who you are to them can be so difficult at times.Thank you for reminding me that I define myself.

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