Gotta Get It Right

No one can be wrong with man and right with God…

Profound statement and so true! Man is God’s greatest and most complex creation. We are the sparkle of His eye. But…God does not like it when His kids don’t get along. In fact so much so He commands we love one another and in so doing we fulfill the law of Christ.

By no means am I saying I have arrived! In fact at times it is just the opposite!!! As I grow in this area I become keenly aware those difficult personalities placed in our path are to either distract us or define us.

The Distraction…is satan’s way of removing our focus from God and placing it on people. Our focus becomes selfish and we focus on the negative traits of people rather than honing in on their beautiful attributes God has blessed them with. When we become focused on the negative our attention is drawn away from the Lord and viola…satan’s mission is accomplished.

The Definition…God does not allow failure and He expects us to rise above the temptation of being mean and hurtful to others. It is when we focus on the positive and beautiful attributes of others we are able to see God more clearly and we are drawn into His presence. 

Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another. 1 John 4:11

O Lord, I know that You are aware and care about each person I will face today. Please let others see Jesus in me and allow me to extend Your love as commanded.

Love Lee♥

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