Who Do You Trust?

What do you put your trust in; relationships, money, job, education, home, or possessions.      


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Wow what a heavy load to put on any one person…to ask them to be responsible for our happiness and security. I have been married to Richard for 33 years but to make him responsible for my happiness would be so incredibly unfair. I am the only person who can determine my level of happiness. Abe Lincoln said “Most folks are about as happy as they want to be”. That is so true! It is all about a choice of mindset!     


Hmm…in today’s economy, I am not sure this even requires a discussion. Granted we do need some money to take care of our basic needs but it is amazing how much we could do with a lot less. We are such a spoiled nation. Hurry up…I want it now…but I neeeed it. I love hearing stories from adults that grew up in poverty but never knew it because their home was such a secure and happy place for them.     


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 Here today…Gone tomorrow. My precious husband can attest to this one. He had worked for Dow Chemical for 20 years; packed a pager, went out all hours of the night and day, dropped everything when Dow called. Then, Dow decided to downsize middle management and Richard was without a job. In my job I have watched people come and have watched people go and one thing I know is NOBODY IS INDISPENSIBLE!     


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 I have a dear friend with multiple degrees but has been out of work for several months now. The common response is “You are over qualified”. Go figure…you work your backside off for a degree to hear you over qualified… Interpretation: We are not willing to pay you what you are worth! I also have another friend with several degrees and she is struggling to find work…AGE does matter!     



Home does not provide stability or security. Stability and security are intrinsic to the person. I lived in a 3800 square foot home and moved out of it to a 600 square foot home and I can tell you the house mattered not! It is the people who make a house a home. Some of my happiest memories occurred in 600 square feet!    


Possessions can not bring security! When we moved from our large home in Brazoria to the little bitty place in Clute, I had to make some decisions about what I would take with me. I brought my kids in and said “take what you want”, let some things go with the house, and gave the rest to friends and family. You see, I have the attitude that God owns it all and He will provide. I knew I would not live in 600 square feet for the rest of my life but I also knew that when it was time God would give me exactly what I needed. And, that He did! I am now in 3100 square feet and have most everything I want and all that I need.     

Bottom line there is only one source of security and happiness and that is God. “But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Jesus Christ” Philippians 4:19     

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Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. Psalms 20:7  

 So, I ask you…what are you putting your trust in these days? Have you tried God?     

Love Lee ♥    

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