Someone Knows Your Name

Today was a perfect day out on the Harley so, we headed out to surprise my Little Sister, Sandra…This was a big risk because we didn’t even know if she was going to be home.

Recently my Brother-in-Law left his position as a District Manager for Coke-a-Cola and accepted a management position with Buc-ee’s. He was assigned to the store in Madisonville, TX which is one of the busiest Buc-ee’s.  He and my sister decided they would keep their home in Angleton and rent a house in Madisonville for the two years they would be there. So Sandy has been going back and forth between the two places and staying very busy.

The country house is the cutest little wood frame farm-house with so much character! Sandy has been working hard at getting it decorated and it looking great! She even has a guest bedroom with mine and Richard’s name on it!

I remember well the feeling of leaving behind our home and loading the belongings that would fit in the largest U-Haul to move to Fort Worth. While I was sad about leaving a home that was near and dear to my heart, I was excited to get to go through the process of decorating a new home. And , I was very excited because Richard was going to Seminary.

During my first week in Fort Worth I remember the most intense feeling of loneliness. It hit me while sitting in a restaurant that nobody in the entire city of Fort Worth knew my name. I remember feeling so sad and I broke down and started crying right in the middle of the restaurant.

I had to go see my Baby Sister because I wanted Sandy to know there was someone in Madisonville that knew her name and SURPRISE…it was me!!!

Love Lee   ♥

One thought on “Someone Knows Your Name

  1. Lee, you have to know how blessed I feel to have you for a sister. I know you call alot of gals “sista”. But, to be your sister is truly a blessing. I love you for all you do to make others feel loved. You are a precious princess. I know God is smiling each and every time you touch someones life. I love you very much. And, I miss you already! Thanks for the visit. Sandy

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