Surrounded By His Slendor


When is the last time you allowed yourself to be nourished by the beauty of the world? God has filled the world with His beauty for our pleasure and enjoyment.

You say, “But I just don’t have time”. I will tell you what one of my favorite pastors Robin Butler, preached…“You have all the time you are ever going to have. There are 24hrs in a day. It is all about how you choose to spend your time.” You know…He is right!

Daily we choose how we are going to spend our time. Busy, Busy, Busy…

Perhaps we need to re-prioritize how we choose to spend our time. Think about it…Do we need to watch TV every waking minute? I say “NO”. Have you thought about getting the DVR feature so you can bypass all the commercials? Perhaps by reducing your time in front of the TV you could spend more time enjoying the splendor God has created for you.

Each morning and most afternoons Richard and I make it a point to sit outside and enjoy the sweetness of nature even before the sun comes up. Richard calls it “Moon Bathing”. This time allows us to enjoy each others company but there are times we sit and don’t say a word to each other but instead we reflect on our surroundings and the goodness of the Lord.

Think about it when is the last time you watched the sun rise, gazed at the ripples of water on the lake, listened to the songbirds, felt the breath of the breeze, glory in the colors of the sunset, feel the magic of the moon. His beauty is the air for your soul.

Make it a point to enjoy His splendor today!

Love Lee ♥

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