An Unexpected Treasure

Your entire day can change with one small and unexpected gift.      

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It was Sunday and  we are at my daughter and son-in-laws and are going to  watch football; The Houston Texans vs. The Dallas Cowboys. As anyone knows, no game is complete without food so Brandi, Richard, and I were in the house cooking while everyone else gathered in the game room for the game.      

Brandi had planned to grill chicken and make oven roasted potatoes and I brought a big spinach, strawberry, and walnut salad, along with some deviled eggs. A couple of store-bought desserts and it’s a meal. While Richard and Brandi focused on grilling the chicken, I decided to do a little writing on my blog.     

As I waited for the website to open my mind drifted and I began to think about my granddaughter Cheyenne. She was at her dad’s and I was missing her. I thought about her cute little giggle, her whimsical personality, and sweet spirit. The more I thought about her the worse I missed her.      

Suddenly my mind returned to writing when my website came up on the screen in front of me. As always I check the comment section to make sure I approve all pending comments and there it was my unexpected treasure. My precious Cheyenne had gone on-line and located my blog. Then she went to the page titled “Family Fun” to hide a buried treasure.      

The Treasure      

“hi meme i just whant to say that i love you and that you are the cooooolest meme ever my memaw sayed that mabbyshe mite come to the tee party.”      

There is no greater joy for this Meme than to know my precious granddaughter stopped her day to look up A Love Lee Place, find the “Family Fun” Page, and leave me a treasure.      


Treasures come in various forms. I’ve found mine     

Have you searched for yours?     

Love Lee ♥     

2 thoughts on “An Unexpected Treasure

  1. My unexpected treasure came in the form of a high pitched shrill followed by a laugh from my absolutely adorable three month old! How unexpected it was!!! I growled at him and he laughe at me!!! There’s nothing in this world that has ever warmed my heart like this little bundle that God has blessed us with!!!!

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