Being Transparant

A Love Lee Place ♥

Recently I met  a young woman at Quintana Beach her name was Sarah Parent and from the moment we met it was as though we had been friends for ever. She was energetic, passionate, and innovative in her thinking. In just a matter of minutes I knew she and I would be friends for a very long time. As we were saying our goodbyes I told her it felt as though I had known her forever and I was going to miss her terribly. Her response was profound and made perfect sense. She said, “It is because I am transparent and it is easier when two  transparent people meet”. While I have always been a people person I had never heard it defined as transparent. It is usually when I drop all pretense and I allow others to get to know me that life long friendships are birthed. 

As I was reflecting on this concept I thought of one person that was totally transparent; The Apostle Paul.  He did not put on pretense but instead was very open about his life and about his weaknesses. His weakness became an opportunity for the power of God to be active and evident to and for others. When Paul reflected on his weakness, he was soberly realistic. In 2 Corinthians he allows us to see into his heart, to understand his hurts and his deepest longings. All for the glory of God!

I love living a transparent life. There is little to keep up with. Do I mess up? You bet I do!!! But my motto is “I screw up…I fess up!”  meaning it is vital to be transparent with God because bottom line…He knows!!! Then in keeping with being transparent, I share my experience so hopefully someone else will learn from my successes and my mistakes. 

A related article which I really enjoyed and wanted to share is Being Happy in The New Year? – Guest Author, Jeff Elkins 

Have the Best of Days!!!

Love Lee ♥

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