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Persistance Pays Off

All to often we stop seeking just before the answer comes…

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.– Thomas Edison

Do you keep hoping and praying for a breakthrough…that perfect job, new home, special someone to live the rest of your life with, or perhaps losing the pounds? All too often we want  an answer but stop just short of reaching our breakthrough or receiving the answer. But it is when we stop short of our breakthrough or answer we feel defeated. But, to quote Marilyn vos Savant; “Being defeated is only a temporary condition; giving up is what makes it permanent”.

 Richard finally got his breakthrough…

Several years ago Richard left the Chemical Industry to set out on a new venture. He went to work as a technical writer, writing training manuals for chemical companies and refineries. While he has really enjoyed the work and loved writing, things began to take a downward trend… The office he worked at was located in Angleton which made it an easy commute however after a short time he began to recognize signs of instability within the company; lack of work and frequent layoffs so he began to pursue work with another technical writing company. 

After a short period of time he was offered a position as a technical writer with a company which held lots of promise and plenty of work…Yeah!  With the new company there was promise of additional opportunities in training and education. The downside however the new company was located in Houston which was 63 miles from home and the majority of the manuals he wrote were for refineries in Saudi thus the training and education was in Saudi. So, it didn’t take long to figure out this new position while it provided a good living was not a good fit due to the amount of travel involved. Thus, the search began…

Every evening, I have watched my precious husband search the internet, monitor the want adds, and network in hopes of finding a job closer to home. He would sit with his laptop in his lap and fill out application after application and when I would ask “whatcha doing?” he would respond, “the evening ritual”. So day in and day out he would drive 126 miles round trip, put in a ten-hour day and get paid for eight, and then search all evening. This went on for over two years…then finally everything began to change!!!

In two weeks Richard tested for three different Chemical companies and has been offered a position with two of them. Had he given up prior to filling out the applications for these companies he would not have found his new job!    

Watching Richard’s persistence reminds me of a quote by a unknown Author~”Don’t be discouraged. It’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.”

Oh and…Never, never, never, never give up~ Winston Churchill

Hang in there…Love Lee ♥

A Great Ride

I love surprises and today Richard planned a doozy…11 hours and 525 miles!

I woke to Richard’s voice whispering “Baby, let’s go”…he had planned a ride on the motorcycle and was ready to get started. After my morning coffee and a Facebook fix and it is time to go…The sun was shining and the temperature was bearable; two prerequisites for a great ride.

He was serious about the ride today. He cleaned his bike, shined our helmets, put on his sun screen and was sitting in the driveway waiting for me. He was ready to go and go he did! He always has to get that power surge out of his system at take off…head back and cheeks flapping in the wind and with his “Yeah Baby” we are off!!! With my camera in hand, MP3 plugged in playing and cold drink at hand I settle in. I never know where we are going when we head out and today was no exception! Little did I know I would be gone for eleven hours! This trip took us to little towns we have never been and sites we have never seen! Country roads thru Beaumont, Zavala, San Rayburn Reservoir, back through Lufkin, Crockett then home via Hwy 45 though Downtown Houston and home.

Eleven hours on the back of a motorcycle is a long time…time to visit with my man, listen to music, pray, and reflect while taking in all the beauty God has provided for our pleasure. When we first start out Richard is very chatty…he talks about work, finances, friends, and dreams for our future. As we get further along in the trip he begins to shut down and go to a quiet solemn place within. At this point I plug my music in and begin to pray and reflect on life. Whether I am talking or reflecting, I am always snapping pictures.

Capturing Memories:

Capturing memories in pictures has always been very important to me. Perhaps because I have very few pictures on my early years and what pictures do exist belong to others.  Richard always says, “let me take some pictures of you to document your existence”. There is a lot of truth to that! Pictures become the touchable and tangible that our loved ones were here once they are gone. My family teases me frequently about taking so many pictures but…they are always the ones tagging themselves on Facebook and they eventually thank me later. I really enjoy taking pictures from the motorcycle because there are minimal obstructions when snapping but I have to be fast or it is gone. I have limited time to capture a picture when we are traveling at 60 to 80+++ mph… Richard always thanks me for taking the pictures because my view of the ride is so different from his.










Of course a great meal out is a must for every ride. This little restaurant was really a sweet find! We had a wonderful Grilled Chicken Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing and a big tall glass of water with lime…Very refreshing and extremely tasty!










Gods Protection: 

Every motor cycle trip begins with a prayer. I ask God’s protection on our life, that Richard remains alert, his reflexes quick and he not become fatigued while driving. This trip was no different and God honored my request! The trip began in wooded back roads with single lanes; very relaxing! Then because it was getting late we decided to go home via the highway. Fast pace with two lanes of people jocking back and forth for position. This is when Richard must be on top of his game.  He has always made a practice of not riding behind trucks or trailers hauling anything. We were on I-45 going thru downtown Houston when he changed lanes because the truck in front of us had a load of dining room furniture on it. Just as he moved to the lane on the left the entire load of furniture began to fall out of the truck and flying into the vehicles behind it. Richard quickly sped up so we were parallel to the truck so we would not get hit by any of the debris. Immediately I began to thank my Father for the favor he showed us and for honoring my prayer for protection and for giving Richard a sharp mind and quick physical reflexes!

We love our days together on the open road with the sun on our skin, wind in our face, and connection we have to each other throughout the day!

Things I Learned on this Trip:

  1. Relax and soak in the beauty God has provided
  2. There is a Sonic on every corner until you need a drink and then you will have to drive 100 miles
  3. Dodge whatever is thrown at you & trust  God will  protect

Now that we are back home we are worn out and sore…Sunday: Great Worship, football, naps, and a wonderful lunch. This is a great weekend!!!

Love Lee ♥