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An Infectious Laugh

On occasion I find a person I really enjoy being around. I find their energy exhilarating, they smile frequently and they laugh a lot. Unfortunately, we don’t tell those people in our lives how much they impact our lives. In-fact, we often take them for granted.

Today, I am reminded of such a person. My Baby Sister…I am so blessed to call her my Sister and my Friend. She makes me laugh, cry, remember, and relax. I enjoy her company so much; especially when I hear her infectious laugh!!!

Happy Birthday Sandra Pierce!!!

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Love Lee ♥

Happy Birthday Baby!

Whoop Whoop….Today Richard Dallas Smith turns 52 years old.  

Who’s the perfect husband?

It’s your gentleness and caring
And the happiness you give
A heart full of warmth and kindness
And the thoughtful way you live 
Who makes a husband special
Is created at the start
The most important thing of all
The love that’s in your heart

Who’s the perfect husband?

Happy Birthday Babe

Love Lee ♥

Happy Birthday Lindsey Beth Carleton!!!







Our Sweet Lindsey Beth,

From the moment your mom announced she was going to have a baby we have loved you! You have made us laugh and you have made us cry from laughing so hard. You bring so much joy to our family and we adore you!!!

You have always been such a “Shutter Bug” so what better gift to give you than a slide show… And Sister YOU are the STAR!!!  

We Wish You…

A Happy Birthday…Enjoy!!!


Your Family ♥